The NY Times On NYC Skating

Solomon Lang New York Times

The New York Times is running an article in its Monday edition that focuses on the thriving NYC push culture that shows no sign of abating anytime soon, despite the recent deaths of two skaters in Queens and the Bronx.

The article spends much of the time talking to Bustin’ Boards rider and friend of the site Solomon Lang, who does an excellent job of representing the sport in a positive light, while also acknowledging that fact that risks are involved and you can wind up getting hurt — just like on a bicycle. It also talks about the failed attempt to stop last year’s Broadway Bomb, the differences between longboards and skateboards, and highlights New York’s unique skateboard scene. Shout outs to the whole Concrete Kings crew, who also get some great lip service throughout the piece.

One thing I was really stoked about was that the writer, Winnie Hu, did a great job pointing out that despite the fact that longboards don’t have breaks like a bicycle or car, you’re able to slow down to a stop effectively and quickly by foot breaking, showing that not all skaters are out of control and dangerous.

It’s a great read and some awesome publicity for the longboarding community. Give it a look and check out the pictures that accompany it.

They race through the streets of New York, cruising through the cityscape as they try to outmaneuver taxis and dodge car doors swinging open.

They are not rookie Citi Bike riders: they are skateboarders, navigating city streets with no fear and no brakes.

“You definitely get a rush or a thrill,” said Solomon Lang, 31, who started a group called the Concrete Kings that conducts organized rides in the city. “People see us and think we have a death wish, but we’re totally comfortable.” – New York Times

If you want to catch it in print, you can find the article on A16 in the Monday October 7th, 2013 paper with the headline “Despite Hazards, Street Skateboarding Thrives.”

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