El Beasto Goes Wild

He’s already called El Beasto for a reason, but this video shows you just how gnarly Scott Lembach is as he takes it to the next level.

If you’re not familiar with him, we’ll take a second to fill you in. Scott “El Beasto” Lembach, a Baltimore, MD native, is the  owner of MuirSkate, one of the raddest skate shops in the industry, hands down. Scott is a super chill dude and a gnarly skater known for going FAST and making it look easy down challenging runs.

Right now he’s getting ready for his next IGSA race down in Teutonia, Brazil and has been using this 27% grade monster as a practice run leading up to the race in November. With top speeds in excess of 70 MPH this hill is absolutely next level and the stuff legends are made of.

Scott is also rocking the new Earthwing Skateboards 2014 Supermodel Top Mount in the video. The boys from NYC look like they got it right with this one, it’s got some juicy looking concave and sexy as hell curves, hopefully I can spend some quality time with one soon. +1 for the east coast.


Other Sports: 34 MPH in a KAYAK!

YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS VIDEO! It features one of the most fun looking rides I’ve ever seen.

Kayaker Ben Marr takes us inside the legendary concrete drainage in British Columbia, Canada that leads into Lions Bay, known as the Lions Bay Stout Slide.

It was filmed on his GoPro and features some shots from his helmet cam, which make things look like warp speed, as well as other riders and a backwards facing cam so you can get some good perspective.

I’ll include Benny’s text that was captioned on the video below:

The Lions Bay Slide is such a good time! Heading back to work after a glorious september, stoked to be posting up footage and photos from the 2013 season! GoPro

What’s super gnarly is how fast they hit the bay at, and how their boats react to it when they launch into the water. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to get a kayak and head to BC!

2nd NYC Skater Killed

2nd NYC Skater Killed in Less Than a Week

More tragic news comes out of New York City today, just 6 days after the death of a Queens teen while skateboarding home from school. 21-year old Genielle Laboriel was killed as she crossed the street at 160th Street on Melrose Avenue in the Bronx this morning, police and witnesses say.

2nd NYC Skater Killed

Screenshot from the News 12 coverage.

Laboriel was skateboarding at 7:15 AM this morning on Melrose Avenue when a mini-school bus carrying children struck her while making a right hand turn on to 160th Street. One witness, 47-year-old Juanita Hernandez told the New York Post that she saw Laboriel first skateboarding on the sidewalk before moving into the cross walk, where she was hit by the mini-bus. News 12 in the Bronx, however, says that Laboriel was struck while traveling northbound in the bike lane on Melrose Avenue; we’re unable to independently confirm which is actually the case.

49-year-old Nelson McKinsey was returning home from a trip to the corner store when he heard Laboriel scream, by the time he looked up, he said, she was already under the bus. It was McKinsey who then ran up to his apartment to retrieve his phone and dialed 911. Laboriel was transported to nearby Lincoln Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

2nd NYC Skater Killed at this intersection in the Bronx.

The intersection of Melrose Ave and 160th St.

The driver of the bus remained on the scene and all the children were transported off the bus. No school children on board the bus were injured. Police say things are still under investigation, but that no charges have been brought against the driver yet. A nearby building’s security camera was able to capture the incident on camera, which police have taken as evidence in their investigation.

Sources linked above.