2013 Recap with Chief Keith

2013 Recap with Chief Keith

Our homie from central CT, Keith Burwood, put together a 2013 recap video and obviously made me an instant fan by calling it ‘Chief Keith’ (#300 #GloGang). Homie has a great mix of some good looking skating and did a great job chopping up the edit and making things look pretty. Check it out and leave a comment with what you thought below – it’s super easy we swear.

Anthony Flis in The Spot V3

Anthony Flis

Anthony Flis is true OG ripper on the east coast. We’ve written about him plenty and he’s been featured in some of the gnarlier film projects taking place out east, including the Skatesgiving series (except for this year’s) and his brainchild, this past summer’s DCDC Tour.

In his new video for Volante Anthony rages his local downhill run, making it look all too easy. Unfortunately he broke his foot the weekend after filming this so they couldn’t get as much footage as they wanted, although it makes for a quick, fast paced, and very entertaining video (props to Blake Smith on the edit). Take a 1:00 to check it out and drop a comment below to let us know what you think.

Ed Garner Yokesgiving Raw Run

Ed Garner Yokesgiving

Wooooo baby Yokesgiving is back again this year and starting it off right is a raw run featuring the man himself, Ed Garner.  Hailing from Maryland Ed keeps it real, shredding for Volante, Rayne, and The Pucks (there might be more but you get the idea) and making a name for himself all over the map. He rages this run while managing to keep it fun and steezy, even throwing a driveway thrash in. Make sure you take note of how sandy that road is already…winter really is here on the east coast. 🙁

Keep an eye out for the first full episode from Yokesgiving 2013 when it drops soon.

Nelson Longboards Stingray KT 36 Review

Stingray KT 36 Review

We’re stoked to finally bring you the Nelson Longboards Stingray KT 36 review! Nelson took their popular Stingray KT39 and shot it with a shrink ray to form the Stingray KT36, a perfect “do-it all” board. With aggressive 3D concave in the front, mild W-concave in back, a wheelbase range from 21”-23”, and a flared nose and 6” kicktail this deck is quite the little shred machine. After riding it for around 2 hours, I immediately fell in love with this decks concave.

The mild W-concave in the back of the deck forms an incredible pocket that eliminates the need for monkey toe. Although I am not usually a fan of 3D wheel wells, I actually enjoyed the natural foot stop these raised wheel wells created and they also came in handy when popping ollies. The large 6” kicktail on this deck makes ollies and freestyle tricks a breeze and the flared nose is also pretty functional once you get used to it.

The 8-ply construction makes this deck a freaking tank (like honestly you can throw this thing around and you don’t need to worry). Just like its larger counterpart, the KT36 is a freeride machine, especially for smaller riders. If you want a deck that you can take from the hills to the park, go checkout Nelson’s Stingray KT36. Check out the video review below to hear more thoughts and see it in action.

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Comet DCDC Tour Part 2

Comet DCDC Tour

I meant to post this update to the Comet DCDC Tour as soon as it came out, but things were busy and it got shoved to the side and forgotten. While I was cleaning out my e-mail box today though, I found the e-mail with the link to the video again and gave it a quick watch. As expected it was straight fire, with Anthony Flis, Brian Peck, Eric Jensen and the rest of the crew shredding hard and having a ton of fun. My only qualm is now I want summer back, and that ain’t happening…guess it’s time to get used to winter.

Peep the second episode and leave a comment below with what you thought.

Grant Stubenhofer

Grant Stubenhofer

This kid Grant Stubenhofer is killin’ it in his new edit on RVA Collective. He sent this in to me the other day and i just had to post it. Grant is 16 and hails from down South in Richmond, VA. Peep it as he drops some steezy toe sides and gets creative with the Daisy’s kicktail.

Scope the edit, leave us a comment, like the post, and share – you know how it goes.


Eric Fahrenthold Wild Monkey Status


Check out Wild Monkey Racing team rider Eric Fahrenthold as he shreds a gnarly run down in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Originally from just a hop up the road from Connor in New Jersey (aka ‘The Dirty Jers’), Eric has been going to school down in North Carolina where he’s able to shred some of the gnarliest runs out east.

Wild Monkey Racing is an east coast brand producing some dope speedboards. Check out their Facebook page for more info and learn more about some of their decks.

Image: Screenshot from Vimeo

10 Ways to Stay Sane Over Winter


Note from the editor: This is post from new author Steve Lamando. Steve’s a Connecticut native currently going to school in Rhode Island and rides for both Original Skateboards and Wheelerz.

New England gets cold dude! We are quickly approaching that time of year again when the roads become covered in snow and salt, and skating regularly becomes a fond summer memory.

The snowflakes look great for about 10 minutes, until you remember that the roads are a mess and you’re out of luck with skating for a bit. For a lot of us, skating clears our minds, keeps us sane, and is our favorite escape from reality. Aside from that one random 60-degree global warming day in December, the weather for skating will pretty much blow for the next couple months if you’re in the Northeast.

For the people like myself who live for the thrill that skateboarding provides, shit can get tough when that’s put on hiatus. What are we supposed to do when the weather really sucks and we literally don’t have the option to go outside and fiend some freeride?  It’s important to find something else that you can cheat on skating with to keep your sanity.  Here is a list of my 10 alternatives to help keep you sane during the brutal New England winter.

1. Embrace the snow

Snowballs, sledding, snowskating and snow days aren’t all that bad. Once you get over the fact that the roads are going to be a mess for a while, you can learn to have a little fun with the snow (see #3, too).

2. Make/Use a Balance Board

Use a balance board while watching TV. Not only is it pretty fun but it also will help improve your already super amazing balance. Nothing beats actually skating, but this will definitely help a lot. Indo Boards are one sweet, well-known option that come with both the roller and stationary disc.

3. Hit the Slopes

If you haven’t already taken up snowboarding, get on that shit. It’s super fun, super chill, it’s downhill, and it’s the closest thing you got right now.

4. Finally Play Catch Up

Watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see, read that book you were supposed to read for class, and show your family some love.  Also take the time to go through our video section and make sure you haven’t missed the progression of gnar we’ve had out east over the last couple of years.

5. Go to the gym

Get in shape for your best season yet, stronger legs means stronger skating 😉 Try doing hitting the StairMaster, do some squats, and calf muscle exercises. Once springtime rolls around it’ll be like you never stopped skating.

6. Chill With Your Skate Homies

Get together with your skate buddies you normally only see on the hill; invite them over for some quality bro time festivities. Tony Hawk on N64 anyone?

7. Try something new

Pick up a guitar, mess around with some paint, find your new favorite band, or take up meditation.  Use these snowy days to expand your horizons beyond your every day activities.


8. Plan a skate trip

Decide who, what, where, and when you want to take a future skate adventure in some place you’ve never traveled. Like my Dad says “Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance”.  These are the perfect days to spend scouring FindHills and locate that hidden spot you’ve always dreamed about, so make good use of the time! Don’t forget to take another look at Molly Lewis’ 5 things you’ll want to remember to pack.

9. Play some video games

Call of duty, GTA 5, Bio Shock, Skate 3? Take a seat and stay a while. Get your game on! Especially Skate, it will get you stoked and is something to help you pass the time. If you’re on the go break out the old Game Boy and Pokémon for a trip down memory lane at the same time.

10. ‘Skate’

Skate in your kitchen, skate in your basement, hit up an indoor park or cruise through the 4 inches of snow blanketing your driveway. Take the trucks off your board and carpet board while watching some TV. Whatever it takes, skate somewhere that you can still get your fix and still keeps you happy. Since there isn’t a good carpet boarding gif, we’ll leave you with Kyle Chin.

Got any other tips? Want to let us know what you thought? Leave us a comment below.

I Think I’m Bi-Slidual, Dude


We’ve posted Matt Deitch (from AGP Downhill) videos before, so you should be somewhat familiar with him and the fact that he loves to slay some of the tastiest roads on the east coast as part of another day in the life. In this little 18 second clip Matt shows you know that he can swing both ways when it comes to hitting it at an angle, if you know what I mean, making him officially ‘bi-slidual.’

If that was an absolutely terrible joke, feel free to rag on me in the comments.

Jared Henry in Asheville

Jared Henry in Asheville

Comet Team Rider Jared Henry just dropped a new edit of him shredding in his new home of Asheville, NC. Check out his dope style mixing it up between city and the mountains. Jared has been big on the come-up since making a name for himself at the Ithaca Hill Jam this spring and is absolutely killing the scene like nobody’s business so expect a lot more gnar in the future.

Also take a second and check out his interview with Thane Magazine.