7 Ways to Get Out of a Skate Funk

It can sometimes be hard falling asleep at night knowing you have a full day of skating waiting for you in the morning. You are super stoked on the day ahead of you.  When you wake up, you rush to the window to see if the roads are dry. 7 Ways to Get Out of a Skate FunkThe weather is perfect, the day is full of friends, everyone’s shredding, and good times are had. You get back home after a long sweaty day, grab a snack, chug some water, and hit up Facebook to see if your friend uploaded that gnarly raw run yet.  Satisfied mentally and physically, you fall right to sleep that night.

But have you ever woken up and your head just isn’t in it? Have you ever been skating a session where your just not feeling it that day? Everything feels repetitive and you’re not having as much fun with it as you usually do. You aren’t experiencing the normal rush of enjoyment you have come to know and love. Well then, maybe you lost your stoke and skating isn’t doing it for you.  If you have ever experienced these symptoms, you are not alone; you are in a skate funk.

Being in a funk is a crappy feeling but don’t worry because it has happened to all of us at some point or another. There are many things you can do to get out of your funk and get back to being high as f*ck on that stoked sensation you are more than familiar with.

7 Tips to Get Out of a Skate Funk

1. Watch skate edits

Go watch those classic edits that get you itching to play outside. Check out a variety of skaters from all over the world, each with their own unique and steezy riding styles could be all it takes to get you stoked again.

2. Skate with friends

Everyone has their own styles and different moves on lock. Mixing up whom you skate with can push your limits and make you try new things. You’re not asking for a skate lesson, but just watching your skilled friends around you throw huge slides shuvs might just be enough to help you figure it out for yourself.

3. Change Locations

Are you skating the same street every time? Maybe you’re getting bored of the same spot. Skating somewhere new can be exciting. Having a handful of spots to pick and choose from will keep things fresh. Take a drive around town and keep your eyes peeled. Other spots exist; you just haven’t found them yet. Try using FindHills to look for some fresh spots in your area and then use a wet and rainy day to go out and actually scope out the pavement, location, etc.

4. Change your set up

Maybe it’s time to get a new deck. You’ve had the same one for a while now and you want to try a double kick. Check out the BST’s on Facebook and you’ll find what you’re looking for. People are always buying, selling, and trading. Otherwise support your local skate shop before you go searching at an online store.

5. Mix up your riding style

If you normally stick to freeriding, take a day to switch it up and mess around with some flatland or downhill. Just like changing locations or trying a new set up, experimenting with different riding styles is a sure way to keep things fun and refreshing.

6. Attend an event

What better way to meet up with other skaters and session a brand new hill? Hitting up an event is a great experience, a lot of fun, and a great way to raise money for a cause. Don’t miss out!

7. Watch a tutorial

Learning something new is an awesome way to get you excited again. Check out YouTube videos explaining how to do all types of skateboarding moves; manuals, kickflips, early grabs, powerslides, and more. All that skate knowledge is just a few clicks away and can help give you a better understanding on how to learn something you’ve been trying to figure out on your own.

Kai Monroe Spring Raw Run

Kai Monroe Downhill Design Video

Our homie Kai Monroe started making quite the name for himself at the end of last season when he started dropping gnarly videos on the regular, killin’ it at events, and got picked up as a first round pick for Blood Orange’s Am Team. He just dropped his new raw run for his sponsor Downhill Design wheels. The homie shows that despite the cold and sometimes wet winter, his skills didn’t get very rusty. This video doesn’t do his shredding full justice, but shows that Kai definitely goes hard, check out his little kiss with the snowbank at the end as proof.

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Asheville Ganj Patrol provides us with some clips form the yesteryear that apparently didn’t make “the cut.”

Nonetheless, this here series of moving pictures is still worthy of viewing as they take you through the year’s bails and unused footage alongside a chill, funky tune to cap it all off.

Check it out, or don’t haha, either way these guys are having a blast skating down in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and when they aren’t there, you can catch them shotgunning beers and poaching runs at your local races. Cheers to skateboarding!


Earthwing Gets Down


And down, and down again. In fact, this is almost two full minutes of the Earthwing guys — Steve Kong, Mac, Andriy Dash, Max, and Ed Nieves — falling over and over again and having some good old fashion fun in between. While we try our best to post our share of super gnarly videos, it’s nice to be reminded every now and then that everyone falls, plus this was too fun not to post.

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Pantheon Embryo: What You Need to Know

Pantheon EmbryoThese days you’re hard pressed to find someone doing anything really unique in the game. Loaded regularly employs new materials and techniques, Never Summer has integrated some of their snowboard technology into their longboards, Comet produces green boards and Earthwing has recently changed the game with their NLS lineup; beyond those though I feel like we see a lot of  board companies copying each other and putting a slight twist on the end product.

Enter Pantheon Longboards. New for this 2014 season, Pantheon is headed by Jeff Vyain, the former board designer for Bustin’ Boards and the brains behind some of the most popular deck designs over the last couple of years.Pantheon Longboards This fall Jeff decided to venture off on his own and left Bustin’ on great terms, moving his family and new company up to Pennsylvania to get things rolling. After a few short months Jeff has unleashed the first deck in Pantheon’s lineup, the Embryo.

Pantheon, as Jeff described to me, is meant to be a no bull sh*t approach to skateboards, paying attention to the details and the finer points of design to bring you the best feeling skateboard possible. To quote Jeff himself:

My focus for Pantheon really isn’t on innovation for the sake of innovation, but creating stellar, practical designs with innovative (or non-innovative) features that just work. No bullshit. No hype. Just an awesome skateboard that combines with that awesome hill or path or whatever that gives you that awesome feeling.

What I’m super stoked about with the Embryo is what they’re calling the “W-Bubbles” concave. Instead of having the W run throughout the length of the board like you usually see, the Embryo has a flat standing surface in the middle for comfortable distance pushing (Jeff’s former specialty) and W concave towards the ends to lock you in during slides and in a tuck. [UPDATE 3/3/14: Jeff sent me an e-mail and Will commented below letting me know that the Madrid Nessie also featured a similar concave before, apologies.] Feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve seen this “W-Bubble” concave on any other decks before, but it sounds pretty dope.

The "W-Bubbles" in the Pantheon Embryo

The “W-Bubbles” in the Pantheon Embryo

The deck is asymmetrical and the concave changes a bit throughout it, as well. As you can read in the graphic below, one end has a gradually tapered concave, while the other sports some gentle 3D concave — a “Funnel Concave” if you will. While the deck is asymmetrical, Jeff assures me that it can be ridden either direction depending on what your preference is. So while it’s technically a directional board, its directional in whichever way you choose — pretty unique and very cool.

To top it all off the graphic is dope as hell. Eddie Kihm came through and did the dopest job designing this graphic, setting the stage for a lot of other companies to step their game up come 2014. Just like we mentioned with Earthwing’s NLS lineup, we’re stoked to see that Pantheon is manufacturing their decks right here in the USA – that’s what’s up!

Length: 36.5 in
Width: 10 in
Rocker: 0.25in
Wheelbases: 25.5-29 inches

You can pick one up from Pantheon themselves for $130.00, helping to support a small and local east coast company! Sound off with your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Pantheon Embryo