So this is an EPIC road in Maine with beautiful scenery and a somewhat mellow 3.5 mile long decent where Jeremy Ross a.k.a “JRaw” does what he needs to do to not die. This guy is absolutely THREADING THE NEEDLE at certain points in this video, but I’m not gonna tell you when or where because you should kick back enjoy the tunes, scenery, and skating. Eventually things will get a bit hectic.

“Please don’t aspire to skate like this, It is very dangerous and it is of dire importance to understand that your life is not only in your hands but in the hands of the drivers around you. Please don’t be dumb.” – JRaw himself

Like he said, this is EXTREMELY dangerous downhill skateboarding, I wasn’t originally going to post this because I don’t want anyone getting any bad ideas or thinking we condone this type of skateboarding here at Skate The East. But I think its time to get this video some more views because JRaw keeps it super real when things got super hairy.Palms will get sweaty.


[vimeo 27708419 w=500 h=281]

Video: Jersey Thang Volume 2.

Tom Leary came down from Massachusetts to stay at my place for the weekend where we skated some hills in the area, had multiple police encounters in one day (mostly friendly), and were able to skate some parks in NYC. This footage is from the meaty session we had on my local hill.

If you missed the video (which is likely) from when Tom first came down to Jersey a couple years ago you should check it out as well (or not). Same hill, some of the same crew, much different skating.

Video: Anthony Flis- 2014 Throwaway

Flis sent us this quick edit of the clips that didn’t quite make the cut in 2014. Regardless, we think this video is worth sharing. Sometimes you gotta ditch the HD DSLR and keep it Mids with the 480p resolution. Peep the OG East Coast style as he makes his way down some of Ithaca’s hilly terrain.