Video: A Saturday with Earthwing













Buncha homies in this one, Steve Kong, Andriy Dash, Jamie Nieves, Max Gnar, Steve Fitzmaurice, and yours truly. We started off at Owls Head Skatepark and then hopped into Steve Fitz’s car for some pizza and then over to the one way downhill steep straight. Earthwing doesn’t always film their shit, but when they do, it comes out as potent as this. Give it a watch.




Classics: John Cardiel SOTY video

Im not sure what i thought style was before learning of John Cardiel, but i certainly know now and have known for years now. If you dont know that name, watch this video right now, because you should know about one of the hardest dudes ever to set foot on a skateboard. Get ready to get inspired. And if you have already seen this, id say theres a 100% chance you’re rewatching it. All Hail Cardiel.

IMG_2160 IMG_2144

Video: Crusty Boyz Vol.1

Northeast fools getting after it wherever and whenever possible. This is the first of few videos in the series documenting Josh Moskowitz’s crustache (00:14) and its progression through space and time. Or it could be a cool skate video series but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it? Something like that.

Watch. Now.


Video: Evan Krause on the way

I was scrolling around on facebook today and this video popped up. I remember my friend Tom Leary had mentioned this kids name before and was hyped on him so i watched it. STOKED ME OUT. A go-pro on the car, a solid song, and sick skating. What more do you need? Seeing such a young dude rip burly classic far east terrain like this, hauling ass and not being above putting a hand down, is awesome to see, especially when its done with unique, clean style. This kid is going places. Watch this video, grab your board, go forth, AND GO FAST.
By the way this is Norm posting from Connors account. STE has been pretty low key lately, but ill be getting on posting as frequently as possible. Keep an eye out yall.