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Video: Skatesgiving Hangs Loose

Not only do I think this is my favorite Skatesgiving 2012 video yet — this might be my favorite longboarding video. Our good buddy Brian Peck, Anthony Flis, Matt K, Patt Schep and Ben Dubes keep it super chill on a super fun looking downhill run as well as the Woodward Snake Run. I can’t express how jealous I am because that snake run looks like the most fun thing ever — a new thing on my bucket list without a doubt. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Video: Skatesgiving Does Soldiers of Downhill 2012

While record numbers of people flocked to New York City in October for the Broadway Bomb, another set of shredders headed out to Ohio to take place in one of the fastest races in the country, Soldiers of Downhill. The race course is gnarly and makes for some absolutely epic racing. This year the Skatesgiving 2012 crew made Soldiers part of their trip, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The East Coast’s own, Brian Peck, along with McLovin and Gabe took the the camera, displaying some smoooooth steadicam action and great camera angles; as always, Matt K kills the edit. Give it a peep and let us know what you think in the comments.


Video: Skatesgiving takes MORDOR

Our good friend and local Connecticut shredder Brian Peck set out with a bunch of other familiar faces such as Anthony Flis, Matt K, and many others, to take on some of the east coast’s gnarliest downhill runs this fall as part of the now annual Skatesgiving road trip. The trip last year yielded some of the best videos of east coast downhill we’ve seen; they stepped it up again this year and didn’t disappoint in the least.

Get ready for a palm-sweaty good time as you watch Brian and crew rip down this absolutely legendary east coast run, known only as Mordor. Then watch it again, and again, and again. We promise, you’ll thank us later.


Video: Connor’s Skatesgiving

When I started writing for SkateTheEast, I told myself I wouldn’t post any of my own videos, make it strictly homies from up and down the east coast, but today I’m going against what I promised myself. I’ve been wanting to use this song in an edit for a while and when I finally got some half-decent footy to go with it, I couldn’t resist posting here for all you skate blog followers. Thanksgiving is a rad holiday because all your homies are home from school and already narrow streets become more narrow and fun because all of the extra vehicles parked on the street. I skated for a while, had fun dodging the extra obstacles on the road and decided to break out the GoPro to film a couple corners and some selfie shots. Check it out..

– Connor

skatesgiving from Connor Bewighouse on Vimeo.

UPDATED: Black Friday Longboarding Deals & Skatesgiving Video

This post has been updated multiple times. Make sure to read all the updates so you don’t miss out on one of the crazy deals from East Coast Core Skates, Bustin’ Boards, Rayne Longboards and tons more!

Alright folks it’s 12:35am here on the East Coast and you know what that means — Black Friday has officially begun. Fortunately for you, the savvy longboarding shopper, you won’t have to endure the cold and the masses of people because we found some of the best deals in the industry online. You’ll be able to shop in less time and spend the rest of the beautiful weather we’re having skating. Sounds good, right?

First up Incline Longboards, who we haven’t talked much about but hopefully will in the future, is running a sweet deal on their decks. Right now you can pick up the Fro Pick, Flat Top, or the yet-to-be-released Mullet for $80 with free shipping in the U.S. I’ve been hearing a lot about Incline recently as they’ve been generating a lot of buzz on Facebook, and for $80 they sound like they’re definitely worth giving a look at if you’re in the market for a deck. You can order direct from Incline by visiting their site here.

Sketch Skateboards, who hosted the Halloween Costume Slide Jam earlier this month (I swear I’ll post the wrap-up for that soon), is also doing a deal. Dubbed the “Black Friday Surprise Box” they’re throwing a random item from the store in with the purchase of a complete skateboard or longboard. Orders must be e-mailed to TODAY (11/25) and mention the code “SBOX.” The price on their completes is absurd as it is with them ranging from as low as $149 to as high as $161 for a custom so anything extra is icing on the cake if you ask me. Check them out here and e-mail Taylor at to take advantage of the deal.

Have no fear, there are still discounts to be had. While not as much as some of the other offers we’re seeing, is offering free shipping on all items both large and small in the continental U.S. The caveat? Based on item weight they’re shipping it via different methods meaning you could get your stuff in anywhere from 1-8 business days. Still not bad if you just need a few things and don’t want to pay for shipping. Find details over at their free shipping information page.

More interested in getting a discount off your total order, though? We found a few of those, too. is offering 10% off your total order through Monday when you use the code BFCM (for Black Friday/Cyber Monday) when checking out online. They posted a couple tips, too, saying that their inventory updates in real time, meaning that if it says in stock it’ll ship right away. They also warn shoppers that sometimes items go back in stock when orders get cancelled, so make sure you check back after a few minutes to double check it’s really gone. Also, although completes may be sold out, if you simply order all the parts for a board, they’ll build it for you and throw in the free parts they usually include.

Daddies Board Shop is also offering 10% off “most longboarding items” in their store when you use the code “THANE.” They’ve been offering free shipping inside of the continental U.S. for a little while now and will continue to do that through this sale too. Free shipping and 10% off? Sounds good to me.

Last but certainly not least, Motion Board Shop (who have been producing some gnar videos lately) is offering 15% off all orders over $50 which means you can save some serious change if you’re planning on buying a bunch of stuff. You have to use the code BlackFriday at checkout and the deal ends Monday (11/28) at midnight. No free shipping, although there are some pretty cost-effective options so if you don’t mind waiting a little bit for your gear to get to you head over and check them out.

UPDATE (11/25 @ 10:48am):

So I just learned about a couple of other deals that had previously escaped me that you guys might want to check out. As I hoped they would, East Coast Core Skates is running the sweetest deal we’ve seen so far. 15% off any order, no $50 minimum like at Motion and 5% more than LongboardSkater this deal is too good to pass up and supports one of the few core shops you can find online. Use the code “anniversary1” when you’re checking out at As far as I can tell this isn’t going to be for today only, but will last at least through Monday at midnight, so you have some time to think on it a little. They say more deals are coming so keep your eyes peeled! See “UPDATE 2” below to learn about the additional 30% off Madrid decks they’re offering.

One that we had missed was from our friends over at Bustin’ Boards who are offering free shipping on any order (about a $15 value) and are throwing in a grab-bag t-shirt with the purchase of the first 100 decks or completes today. You pick the shirt, they pick the color and it’s all free shipping — sounds sweet to me, especially with the fact that Bustin’ just released their new 2012 Maestro Fiberglass V2. The deals are running through 11/30 and more info can be found from the newsletter mailing they sent out.

The legendary Phat DeanZ is also having a blowout sale on wheels and Rotule decks. While already sold out of Sector9 Raceforms he still has a bunch of ABEC-11 Freerides and Sector9 Dual Duros in stock for almost $10 off some stuff. The Rotule Speed Karrot is going for $183.50 instead of $215.95 and the Rotule Desert Eagle is going for $175.00 instead of $205.95, not bad if you’re looking for some of the premier downhill decks in the world. Check them out over at the Phat DeanZ website but don’t wait too long, they’re going like hotcakes!

UPDATE 2 (11/25 @ 6:31PM):

Okay this is one for the record books. Churchill Manufacturing is offering a blowout 50% off sale for Atobe Bonneville wheels and a bunch of their decks. Yes, I’ll say it again cause I didn’t believe it at first either, but thats 50% off with FREE SHIPPING inside of the United States, too. The Atobes are ringing in at $27 and most decks are going to run you only around $70 to a deck and $125 for a complete. These completes aren’t using just any run of the mill parts, either — they’re setting you up with Randall RII’s, one of the most versatile cast trucks on the market, along with some ABEC7 bearings, Bonneville wheels and grip tape. If you’ve ever thought about building a pumping setup, this is the time to do it. Get a board with a little bit of flex and a set of these super sticky Atobe wheels and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Jeff “The Wiggler” Vyain 😉 (that might be an over exaggeration, but you’ll definitely have a sweet pumping setup). Check out their store and see what they’ve got to offer.

East Coast Core Skates also just announced another deal they’re offering (I said there was more to come) giving you an additional 30% off Madrid decks of your choice. Use the code “madrid 30” at checkout to take advantage of their newest discount. From the way they’re phrasing it on their Facebook page that’s an additional 30% off in addition to the 15% they were already offering. 45% off a new Madrid deck? GET OVER TOEASTCOASTCORESKATES.COM AND GET ON THIS DEAL!

UPDATE 3 (11/25 @ 10:40PM):

Thanks to Reddit user Kerse I just learned about another great deal that will be running through Monday at midnight over at Performance Longboarding where they’re offering 15% off anything in the store. That means you can pick up a Rayne Killswitch for around $165.75 which, even with taxes and shipping, should still be saving you around $20-$30 overall. Not too shabby. They look like they have a good sized store with a great selection of gear meaning and competitive prices, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs or wants and pick it up at a pretty nice discount. You can find them by visiting them at their website,, as well as learn more about the sale and their selection.

BUT WAIT! That’s not it, in a move that I didn’t see coming Rayne Longboards just announced a 15% off sale for the final 5 hours (4.5 at this point) left in their Black Friday (based out of British Columbia, Canada so those of us on the East Coast have a little extra time) on their online store when you use the code “BABYGOTBLACK”! If you’ve been thinking about getting a Rayne board then don’t waste your time contemplating any longer. These boards are the best you’ll skate, period. Pick up a brand new Killswitch for around $172 and a Hellcat for right around $140, not bad for boards you’ll almost never see on sale. This deal isn’t even listed on their website, so make sure you remember the code, “BABYGOTBLACK,” cause you won’t find a hint over at their store. Head over to Rayne’s site now to check out the full selection and get down and dirty with that 15% off.

UPDATE 4 (11/26 @ 10:00AM):

Yet another deal has emerged for you guys, this time from While they were only offering free shipping to customers within the continental U.S. before they announced that for Cyber Monday (that’s this coming Monday) they’re gonna be offering 10% off everything in their store. MuirSkate is one of the biggest online shops in longboarding and carry most big-name brands along with a bunch of the smaller guys you might not have heard of.

Holesom Longboards also decided to jump in on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales weekend (they originally were going to abstain from doing one) and are also offering 10% off anything in their store. They just released two new decks (although I can only find them in the store…) and have some of the super sweet scented slide pucks we’ve heard a lot about. Use the code “CANADA” when checking out from the Holesom store and you’ll get 10% lopped off your total. If you ordered just before they announced the deal they said they’re going to honor it and get you guys that 10% back. That alone is impressive to me, props to Holesom — get out there and support!

Some of the guys from Beast Coast, Soda Factory, and Rayzor Tattoo took to the streets for a Skatesgiving vacation down South and shredded some hills that would have made both the natives and Pilgrims proud. It looks like it was a fun trip for sure, give it a look and let us know what you think.

Skatesgiving from sean graves on Vimeo.

Anthony Flis in The Spot V3

Anthony Flis

Anthony Flis is true OG ripper on the east coast. We’ve written about him plenty and he’s been featured in some of the gnarlier film projects taking place out east, including the Skatesgiving series (except for this year’s) and his brainchild, this past summer’s DCDC Tour.

In his new video for Volante Anthony rages his local downhill run, making it look all too easy. Unfortunately he broke his foot the weekend after filming this so they couldn’t get as much footage as they wanted, although it makes for a quick, fast paced, and very entertaining video (props to Blake Smith on the edit). Take a 1:00 to check it out and drop a comment below to let us know what you think.

Video: Brian Peck in San Francisco

FINALLY! Brian showed me this edit a couple of weeks ago when he got the rough cut back from Blake Smith, and I’ve been waiting to type this post ever since. After joining the Comet team over the summer, Brian’s been on an absolute tear, shredding everything from Hawaiian mountains and Skatesgiving runs to snowy Connecticut parks, getting it in, keeping it chill, having a blast, and spreading the stoke.

At the beginning of the year he took a trip out to film with Matt K and chill with the Comet guys up in the Bay, creating what is for sure my favorite edit of the year thus far in the process. Brian keeps it light but spicy and makes San Francisco his urban freeride playground. Keep your eyes peeled especially around the 1:23 mark for a clip I had to go back and watch multiple times.

Hell yeah Brian! Can’t wait to see more soon.

Video: Brian Peck Chills the Pace

When a new Skatesgiving video comes out it’s automatically a good day, when it involves our good buddy Brian Peck, it’s even better. Brian is an east coast OG and one of the gnarliest skaters I know, both on the hill and in the park, and always manages to keep sessions fun and chill. Brian takes to what looks like an epicly fun and chill run in the Carolinas to show that while charging runs full steam is always fun, sometimes you gotta chill the pace back, relax a little, and get some good ole casual crusisn’.


Our 100th Post! A Look Back…

Wow…I’m actually shocked that we’re already here, but this is Skate The East’s 100th post! Over the last 6 months it’s been a pleasure to cover events, break news, and showcase just how broad and impressive the East Coast longboarding scene really is. I can’t say thank you enough for supporting us and continuing to do so — it makes us want to work even harder to bring you better more news, events, videos, and even more pretty soon. That being said, we really are just heating up and can’t wait to start taking things to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled cause I hope to be announcing some bigger news soon…

For our 100th post I wanted to take a look back and showcase what you, the readers, have liked most. I dug through our web statistics and found our top 5 most visited posts:

  1. 2011 Broadway Bomb & More: Our most popular post by a fair amount we detailed all of the information about this year’s Broadway Bomb in October and answered questions for all of the bystanders who witnessed 1,200+ long boarders flocking the streets of Manhattan.
  2. Broadway Bomb 2011: How to Steer Clear of Trouble with the NYPD: It’s no surprise that our second most popular post is also related to the Broadway Bomb. As the event drew closer the big question on peoples minds had to do with what would and wouldn’t get them in trouble with the NYPD. We had all seen the videos from last year, and with the NYPD already on guard thanks to Occupy Wall Street most people wanted to make sure they weren’t going to draw unwanted attention. Fortunately we didn’t have any issues and actually had the NYPD shutting streets down for us.
  3. Surf-Rodz: Igniting an Industry (Part 1 of 2): One of our most controversial posts, it outlined how Surf-Rodz is leading the way in bringing more funding and recognition to the sport so the top longboarders in the world can do what they love full time, and push the sport to the next level.
  4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Longboarding Deals & Skatesgiving Video: This post speaks for itself, this past weekend was the first Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend Skate The East experienced and I have to say, it caught us a little off guard. 5 updates later we caught what we feel are some of the best deals you could have gotten and couldn’t have done it without our readers commenting and e-mailing us to let us know when new ones popped up.
  5. Wrap-Up: 2011 Central MA Longboard Competition: Mike Girard’s Central MA Longboard Competition was one of the best events that went down on the East Coast this summer and will no doubt be even better next year. Both the Bustin’ and Earthwing crews made appearances at the event, which was the biggest to go down in New England by far. Rumor has it next year Mike is thinking about making it a 2 day event next year and it’s sure to attract even more skaters than this year — we can’t wait.

Of course, rounding out the top ten were posts like our interviews with Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain our news that the Broadway Bomb broke 1,000 registered skaters and a bunch of our wrap-up posts from events this summer.

I want to say thank you again for all the support so far — it makes the hard work well worth it. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the photos, videos, give-aways, and more we don’t post here on the site. Back to our regular programming…