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Video: Kyle Kay Raw


Kyle Kay has been raging the mountains of the east coast for longer than almost anyone else in the Appalachian Mountain region.  He shreds hard and fast, with no f*cks given.  This videos got an extremely gnarly mountain run with some steep hairpins, that he just flies through. If you were sleeping on Rusty Shackleford, wake up cause he’s charging harder than ever.

– Henry

Video: Bruce Clark and Kyle Kay Try for an Appalachian Trail Record

While Bruce and Kyle might have heard that the Appalachian Trail speed record was once again broken by Jennifer Pharr Davis earlier this summer, this is a completely different type of speed. Two of New England’s fastest take on one of the Northeast’s tallest (mountains, that is) and end up with some insane amounts of speed and an absolutely great run to watch. Highlights include Bruce absolutely TEARING through an intersection as well as an epic right handed hairpin.

Give it a look, let us know what you think.

Somewhere Along the Appalachian Trail… from some dude on Vimeo.

50 MPH Downhill Skateboarding Crash

File this one under the “that just made my butthole pucker” category because this video will leave your palms sweating without a doubt. Tutone Skateboards rider Kyle Kay is following fellow insanely fast ripper and teammate Josh Young down a favorite mountain run down south when suddenly things go from a-okay to terribly f*cking wrong in an instant, leaving Josh on the pavement along with Kyle almost instantly after.

Both of these guys ended up being just fine and were extremely fortunate that some cuts and bruises were the worst of their injuries after an open road high speed crash without leathers. Kyle gives a great point of view account of what happens when you’re following close to someone else, and shows exactly why you should trust them and know their skating style, and that shit can happen even if you do know them well and are in control yourself.

We’ve posted some of these guys’ videos in the past, so make sure you go back and get yourself familiar if you haven’t already. In the words of their friend in the follow car, “You guys were f*cking mobbing. You were going 50 [mph].”

Bruce Clark Joins Cult Wheels — Result: #Profit

Man oh man does this post feel good to write. As I sit here, it’s 12:15 AM, Hurricane Sandy is still raining down upon us and suddenly a ray of light comes out of no where. What, you ask, is that ray? Nothing other than the news we’ve wanted to hear for so long: Bruce Clark has been picked up by Cult Wheels! Bruce, you’ll remember, is one of our good friends and a legendary shredder in the east coast scene. Bruce went harder than most ever dream of going, and proved that the east can go as big as their west coast counterparts over and over again. Last spring Bruce made the big move to California but has stayed true to his east coast roots and is still a huge stoke factor in the scene. Him getting picked up by Cult awesome news and we couldn’t be happier for him.

To celebrate and announce that Bruce joined the family he put together one of the dopest edits we’ve seen in a minute. Yes, it’s a west coast video, which we really almost never do — but this is a good friend and it’s too well done to not post. Enjoy and join us in wishing Bruce a heartfelt congrats and best of luck! Big things to come for sure!


Video: Northern Skate Alliance take you “Over The Boarder”

Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay, two of the Northern Skate Alliance administrators hop the boarder into New York to shred some very fast, very smooth looking hills. These guys are hitting speeds of over 50 miles per hour and making it look too easy. Highlights include what looks to be a fairly high-speed one legged tuck at around 0:12 and the hairpin at 2:05.

Over The Boarder from some dude on Vimeo.

NSA Do July 4th Right

Our friends over at the Northern Skate Alliance did what they do best on Monday, taking full advantage of the holiday and finding some epic new skate spots. Along the way they stopped and took some new video, embedded below. The quick edit shows you how quickly the guys are progressing, especially Ryan Howard who you can see throwing down at least one 360 and some very nice looking standup slides. Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay also throw down some impressive slides and 180s.

The Administration of the NSA are pushing onto the next level. I can’t wait to see what they have coming as the season progresses!

Freeriding The Fourth from some dude on Vimeo.