Skate The East Welcomes Tom Leary

We’ve been working hard on building a team of writers to bring you guys the best content possible surrounding the east coast longboarding scene, and are stoked to announce another awesome addition to the staff, Tom Leary.

Best known for his kickass filming and editing skills, Tom is one of the rising stars in New England and by far one of the gnarliest kids on and off the hill I know. He’s also quickly making a name for himself in front of the camera — riding for Nelson Longboards and Tiger Design Wheel Co. — with some of the smoothest and steezy switch toesides I’ve seen in a minute. He’s got some great insight on where the sport is, and where he thinks it’ll be going, as well as an impecable eye when it comes to videos. Tom will touch base on a variety of topics in his posts and will be a driving force behind some of our coming interviews with east coast riders. We’re hoping we can convince him to chef up a few videos for your viewing pleasure, too.

We’re super stoked to have him on board, help us give him a warm welcome and share the news with your friends with a Like or Tweet!


Skate The East Welcomes Molly Lewis!

Once again the title doesn’t leave much to the imagination on this one so we’ll cut to the chase: we’re super stoked to welcome Molly Lewis as our newest author here at Skate The East! For those of you who don’t know Molly you’ll soon be very familiar, not only because you’ll be hearing more from her here, but also because she’s easily one of the most talented ladies in the sport right now.

Hailing from North Carolina, Molly rides for Original Skateboards, Holesom Pucks, Socco Socks, Aussie Island Skate Shop and reps the east coast wherever she goes. We’re looking forward to hearing more about her numerous skate trips and thoughts in general and think she’ll be a perfect addition to the crew here! She’ll tell you a little more about herself in an intro post soon; until then join us in giving a big warm welcome to Molly!

Check out Molly taking the podium after winning the Ladies’ Freeride competition at the 3rd Annual Central Mass event.



Introducing Lauren Suchocki as Contributing Author

As the site continues to grow (thanks to awesome readers such as yourself), and our first birthday looms near I’ve felt that it’s finally time to bring another writer into the fold. As I look forward into Skate The East’s second year I see bigger and bigger things on the horizon and know this will be the first of several announcements like it.

I’m super excited to announce that my good friend and renowned New England shredder, Lauren Suchocki, will be joining Skate The East as a Contributing Author. For those of you who don’t know her, Lauren is a Massachusetts native who has made a name for herself up and down the East Coast pretty fast, having only been longboarding for about two years and downhill skateboarding for half the time. She currently spends most of her time skating both freeride/slopestyle and downhill, although she admitted to me that she actually started off doing freestyle tricks on a Dervish before discovering her love for hills. If you’ve been to any major event or session in the Northeast last year or so there’s a high chance you’ve seen Lauren around, spreading the stoke and constantly putting smiles on peoples faces.

In addition to the usual content you’ve come to expect to see, Lauren will be able to interject her perspective as a woman in the sport as well as her thoughts on gear.  She’s currently riding a newly revamped setup consisting of a Comet Greasehammer on Caliber 44s with Sector 9 Biothane wheels. Expect Lauren to start posting in the next week or so and give her a warm welcome when she does, you’ll be able to tell posts by her as they’ll be signed ” -L” or “-Lauren” at the bottom until we can turn authors names on.

Welcome aboard Lauren!