Bruce Clark Joins Cult Wheels — Result: #Profit

Man oh man does this post feel good to write. As I sit here, it’s 12:15 AM, Hurricane Sandy is still raining down upon us and suddenly a ray of light comes out of no where. What, you ask, is that ray? Nothing other than the news we’ve wanted to hear for so long: Bruce Clark has been picked up by Cult Wheels! Bruce, you’ll remember, is one of our good friends and a legendary shredder in the east coast scene. Bruce went harder than most ever dream of going, and proved that the east can go as big as their west coast counterparts over and over again. Last spring Bruce made the big move to California but has stayed true to his east coast roots and is still a huge stoke factor in the scene. Him getting picked up by Cult awesome news and we couldn’t be happier for him.

To celebrate and announce that Bruce joined the family he put together one of the dopest edits we’ve seen in a minute. Yes, it’s a west coast video, which we really almost never do — but this is a good friend and it’s too well done to not post. Enjoy and join us in wishing Bruce a heartfelt congrats and best of luck! Big things to come for sure!


Video: Gliding not Sliding with Team Tangy

I finally got to skate with Chris O’Brien and Jake Wade of Team Tangy on Saturday for a full day of skating and filming in the unseasonably warm 63*F weather. Our first stop of the day was at the infamous “Freeride Heaven,” a 12% grade hill with perfect pavement that, mixed with the temperature, allowed for some buttery slides that left ‘thane lines for DAYS. After getting some footage and our fill of freeriding, we headed over to East Rock for a few downhill runs (unfortunately the helmet cam footage got deleted…) to close out the day.

Make sure you watch it in the full HD goodness for full effect. Also, shout outs to East Coast extraordinair Bruce Clark who makes a quick appearance in green during that tripple standy scene.