Bustin’ China

Bustin' China

I’m super stoked on the new video from Bustin’ Boards, Bustin’ China. The Brooklyn-based board company sent two of its riders, Bruno and Toti, along with cameraman Perropro to explore China for 5 weeks using their skateboards and public transportation. I expected Bustin’ China to be  good, but the end result got me way more amped than I expected.

The skating was a super fun mix of both street and freeride, with a little bit of downhill mixed in. Besides the ill skating and stellar scenery, one of the most fun aspects was watching the reactions of the pedestrians, who clearly have little to no exposure with longboarding. The reactions are pretty priceless, one guy even ends up kicking either Bruno or Toti while riding his bike…I’m still trying to figure out exactly why he thought that was a good idea…

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. The official description I got from Bustin’ is below:

Bustin recently embarked on our biggest video project ever. We asked Bustin Team riders Bruno Sorondo and Toti Bicicleta and film maker Perropro, where would you go if you had a full month to explore a country using nothing but your board and public transportation? The answer was undeniable:  China. With such a unique culture and landscape which has been relatively unexplored in the world of longboarding we decided to send the three man Spanish crew to travel across China for 5 weeks. Skating and filming in some of the most majestic and eclectic spots on the planet.  Bruno and Toti;  Part traveling freak show, part skate apostles, please enjoy and share their journey through the old and the new of China is captured here by the genius of Perropro.

Bustin’ China Give-Away

Ohhhh yeah, before I forget: to celebrate the release, Bustin’ is giving away 23 Bruno Pro Model Yofaces! It’s pretty simple to win, head over to their website and subscribe to their YouTube, share the contest, and subscribe to their mailing list and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. You can do it all right on their site, so it’s easier than it sounds. Check it out and enter ASAP!

Bustin' China Give Away!

5 Photos with Khaleeq Alfred

The following is a guest post by Khaleeq Alfred, a New York City native, skater, and photographer. We linked up with Khaleeq and asked him to share 5 of his favorite photos along with a quick description. Learn a bit more about Khaleeq and check out his unreal photos below, then share ’em with a friend.  

Name’s Khaleeq, born and raised in Harlem NYC. Been doing photography for about 4 years now, but been shooting skate stuff for about a year and a half. Been skating for around 5 years, and loving every minute of it. Can’t get enough of the skate community and enjoy photographing it. Weapon of choice: 5D Mark II (my baby). Stoked on what’s in store for 2013!!!!!

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Cami Best

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Cami Best

What can I say, Cami throws down. It’s not often I see her skate, got lucky recently and did a little shooting. Blunt slides for days!

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Leon Vincent-Vialva

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Leon Vincent-Vialva

Got a 24-105mm Lseries and a 50mm in my arsenal. That 50 is my love, photos come out flawless, I’m always amazed. This photo is part of my “One of Many” collection. Leon of Blue Sky Longboards killing it.

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Ross Druckery

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Ross Druckery

Took a trip down to Puerto Rico to shoot Guajataca 2013 for Ghostskate and snapped this. Ross Druckrey shredding at the jam, so much Steez and a gnarly hill.

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Steven Sanchez

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Steven Sanchez

Sanchez ALWAYS puts me to work. By far one of my favorite people to shoot with. Took a whole day to shoot out in queens NY with the Bustin crew. Sick shots, steezy skating, perfect scenery and worth the tons of skating.

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Noish

Photo: Khaleeq Alfred | Rider: Noish

When you finish editing all your photos from a good day of shooting, you come across a couple photos that stand out. To me, this one is just stunning. Great scenery + stoked skater = Dope photos. Big thanks to Noish always bringing his A game. So sick, many more like it!

Bustin’ Boards Announces 2013 Lineup

As the weather gets nicer it’s hard to not get excited for the season to start, and the new product releases we’ve been seeing aren’t making it much easier. Bustin’ today announced their 2013 lineup with major additions to their Yoface, Maestro, and Camber families and a new freeride wheel family dubbed the Five-O Series.


The Yoface family picture.

We’ll start where people seem to be most excited: the new Yoface models. The Yoface 35 became a smash hit amongst DK enthusiasts after its release last year and the team over at Bustin’ didn’t waste much time working to improve it’s design and functionality even more. Featuring a beautiful cereal bowl concave that maintains its shape right to the tails and flared wheel wells, you can now find the Yoface in two additional lengths: a shorter 32″ version for a more street-deck feel at 8.675″ wide, or a longer 39″ version for added foot platform and deck real estate when going fast at 9.5″ wide. These boards transition seamlessly from city streets with big wheels, to shredding bowls and bombing hills. The graphic on the Yoface 39 is my favorite yet from Bustin’, too dope. You can pick up the Yoface 32 for $70, Yoface 35 for $75, and the Yoface 39 for $95 at your favorite local skateshop that carries Bustin’.


The new Yoface 39


Maestro Mini V2

While there’s been an added focus on their DH/freeride decks and the Yoface, Bustin’ has managed to stay true to their roots and are making changes to two of their classic board families: the Maestro and Camber Series. This year they’re making big changes to the MaestroPro in an attempt to make the classic city commuter into a more formidable freeride option as well as introducing version 2 of the Maestro Mini.  Both the MaestroPro and Maestro Mini V2 feature symmetrical shapes, unlike the forward cambered design of the Maestro Classic, so you can jump on and rip them without thinking about which direction the deck is facing.

The MaestroPro is constructed using 6 plies of maple and sublimated triaxial fiberglass to add stiffness without the excess weight caused by more wood. It features a rockered shape, cambered foot platform, and signature low ride to make it ultra comfortable when commuting, and multiple wheelbase options to help you adjust the amount of flex the board gives. The Maestro Mini V2 features many of the same upgrades that the MaestroPro got, with the exception of the sublimated triaxial fiberglass, instead using the same 8 ply Maple construction found on the Maestro Classic. With its squat shape the Maestro Mini V2 has some fatter kicktails and should make commuting a blast as it looks like you can really manhandle this board without much effort. The MaestroPro comes in at 38″ long and 9″ wide, while the Maestro Mini V2 stands at 34″ long and 8.75″ wide. Despite only being 4″ shorter in length, the Maestro Mini V2’s wheelbase is almost 6″ shorter than the MaestroPro and should be super agile for navigating on city streets or campus sidewalks. The MaestroPro will set you back $175 and the Maestro Mini V2 will put you back $95.


The MaestroPro

The Camber Series, comprised of the Cigar 38 and Cigar 31, got some upgrades this year as well. A variation of a classic flexy pintail, these topmount decks are great for casual spring and summertime cruises. Gentle concave mixed with gentle camber and a flexy platform make for a great pumping/push deck to allow you to cruise without much effort or foot fatigue. Multiple wheelbase options allow you to dial in how much flex you need and feature CNC’ed wheel wells. Simple and straightforward cruiser decks, nothing too complicated here. Both are available now for $95 and $80 for the Cigar 38 and 31 respectively.

five-o wheels lineup

Finally, Bustin’ released their new freeride wheel for 2013, the Five-O Series, in two different versions: 64mm with a centerset core, and 72mm with a sideset core. The translucent wheels (which we have to imagine leaves some gnarly thane lines) feature a small core to maximize thane depth and minimize the chance of a core blow-out and are made to be ridden hard. Bustin’ is advertising them as a no bullish*t wheel, just pure thane that slides consistently and predictably without the need for any frills, a refreshing and exciting take on wheels.  The 64mm version comes in 80a and 85a durometers while the 72mm version can be found in 77a ad 80a. The 64mm wheels were designed as an all around wheel with the Yoface in mind, while the 72mm version were designed specifically to be ridden fast on hills as a freeride wheel, hence the sideset core and bigger size. Whenever I hear a wheel described as “crayon on construction paper” I get very excited, so expect a first-hand look at these wheels in the near future.

That’s it for now. We’re psyched to see our friends in NYC doing some big things and continuing to push the sport forward on all fronts. It’s nice to know that while Bustin’ has been focusing on the freeride/downhill scene recently, they haven’t lost sight of their roots in the City and are producing boards for all types of riders, from park skaters to the city commuter and out to the hills. I’m excited to see the new Yoface and Five-O wheels in person soon and will be sure to report back when we do.

Limited Edition Bustin’ Deck to Support Maryhill Festival of Speed

The guys and gals at Bustin’ Boards in NYC do a lot to support the longboarding scene and have helped foster the steady growth we’ve seen in the sport. From constantly sending out prize packages for contests up and down the east coast (and country), to putting up big prize money at races, it’s clear that they’re committed to giving back. This time they’re using their unique resources to support one of longboarding’s most famous events, the Maryhill Festival of Speed.

They teamed up with MFOS’ organizers this year to help make the event even better than it’s been in the past by making 100 limited edition Sportsters with a dope MFOS graphic, and selling them at $150 a pop. Instead of only offering the classic white and blue color scheme you may have seen last year, Bustin’ is letting you use their customizer to pick your own base and graphic colors to make your limited edition deck a one of a kind. The proceeds from the sales will go directly to the MFOS and will help to make what is already a legendary event even better. Get more details and check it out over on the Bustin’ website.


I think it’s a pretty cool idea and will hopefully prove to be an effective way to help fund events in the future, so rock on Bustin’. Now if only we could find a way out to the event…

Video: Dang Yang with David Yang

If that title isn’t a tongue twister I don’t know what is, that or you’re just really good at saying tongue twisters. Either way it doesn’t really matter, all that does is that you head over and peep this ill edit featuring the NYC native and once broken David Yang. Filmed and chopped up (that’s edited for those of you who didn’t follow along) by Jean Teaza, who Connor recently posted a video of. The guys headed out to subrbia to show that they can hang on the hills and that David is back in full force from what had to have been one of the gnarliest leg-breaks we’ve heard about yet. One of the cool things about the video you might not pick up on right away is the unique use of the skate sounds combined with the music, something I really enjoyed. Glad to see David is skating so well and can’t wait to see what the future will bring from these two.

David skates for our friends at Bustin’ Boards NYC and PushCulture Apparel and says he loves Skate The East oo so much. He’s rocking a Bustin’ Ratmobile in this video. Show some love and leave a comment below.

Bustin’ Boards Announces Boombox Pro & Sportster Pro

This week just kept getting better and better for longboarders, with yet another major release announced  and this time from a fellow east coaster! Bustin’ Boards has been stepping their game up over the last year or so, with the EQ, Boombox, Rat Mobile, Mekanik, Yo Face and Sportster, allowing them to offer a complete line of boards for any riding style from downhill, to freeride, and pushing. So, the question became, where do you go next? Enter the Boombox Pro and Sportster Pro.

These two decks weren’t supposed to make their way to the market until 2013, but for one reason or another Santa did some serious negotiating with Bustin’ and got them to release a limited quantity of each board in time for the holidays. The presale is going on now, and boards will start actually shipping on December 1st.

So what’s so different about these already well known boards? What makes them “Pro” you ask? Bustin’ has gone ahead and added to layers of triaxial fiberglass, sandwiching the rock hard Canadian maple they’re using as a core. The result is a much stiffer ride and a much more durable, waterproof board. This is the same stuff you see Original using in their Apex 40 and Apex 37 and is becoming more and more common throughout the industry as people realize its benefits. Another cool part about these boards are that they’re constructed here in the United States (on the east coast as well, in North Carolina) by skaters for skaters. I dig that.

The Boombox Pro will come in two flavors: Freestyle and Freeride. The Freestyle version, as you might guess, is a little more flexible than the Freeride version, due to its 6 ply maple core versus the Freeride’s 7 ply core. The Freestyle also ends up being a little lighter because of this, but if you’re looking to go fast or are a little bit heavier — the Freeride would be my pick.

The Sportster Pro only has one version as it was designed by Jeff Vyain to be an LDP board that can also hit speed when needed. Designed around riders that are around 180 lbs or less, the board has some mild flex but benefits from the dampening effects of the triaxial fiberglass and also gets the durability and water proof perks as well.

The price is right on these two puppies, as well. Both the Boombox and Sportster Pro will set you back $175 for the deck, however the Sportster Pro Complete is a full DOLLAR cheaper than the Boombox Pro Complete at $287 and $288 respectively. I’m sure there’s a reason for the $1 difference — I just can’t put my finger on what it is. These boards should prove to be tanks, and will allow you to get your moneys worth for sure.

I have yet to get a chance to ride either of these boards, but the Boombox and EQ are siblings so I can only imagine how comfortable the Boombox Pro is. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these suckers to try for sure.

Will you be asking for one of these decks this holiday season? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter! You can also find us on YouTube and Instagram.

New Jersey Slide Jam 7 — 3/31

New Jersey Slide Jam 7 is going down on March 31st and is looking like it’ll be a stellar time just like NJ Slide Jam 6 was. The New Jersey Slide Jam series consistently attract a ton of people from all over the Tri-State area and prove to be a ton of fun from what I’ve heard. From the amount of thane that was left on the hill in all of the pictures I saw, this is an event that can’t not be fun (notice the double negative, you like that haha?). In the spirit of March a green shirt is highly required but not necessary.

The Bustin’ Crew will no doubt be in full attendance since they rep pretty hard as should a lot of the Original guys as well as some of the Earthwing Legends like Steve Kong (pictured in the flyer).

The event has some dope sponsors as always with prizes going to the usual categories if they keep the same setup as last time (info is scarce on Facebook). If you were at any of the other NJ Slide Jams then the location hasn’t changed but in the interest of not blowing the spot it’s not being publicly posted. Head on over to the Facebook Event and message the host, Tyler Hill to get more info on WHERE it’s all going down.

The event is starting at 11:30 and is expected to last until around 2:30 with lots of sessions going down all over the place afterward I’m sure. Get there a bit early to make sure you’re all set and ready to rock when things get going. Consult the Facebook Event and Tyler Hill with any specific questions.

Bustin’ “I Bomb Broadway” T-Shirt Give Away!

We’re trying to break 1,000 fans on Facebook and are giving away a Bustin’ t-shirt to do it. Head on over to our Facebook page for all the details on how you can get in to win. The contest is only going to last until the morning though, so act fast!


Wrap-up: King of Clermont 2012

This year’s King of Clermont event went down this past weekend in Clermont, Florida, a longboarding haven just north of Orlando where Floridians gather for some downhill action. Being Florida’s only real downhill event of the year, it attracts skaters from all over the state as well as up and down the East Coast. It’s a prime spot for riders looking to get out of the cold and into the sun to kick the season off right. Fortunately for us the Bustin’ Boards Crew packed their bags once again and headed down to the race, giving us an idea of what was going down despite the fact that we couldn’t be there to give you some on-site coverage.

From photos and video I’ve seen so far the event looks like it had a HUGE turnout, not just from riders but spectators, too! Both the slide jam and downhill event looked like they had some gnarly skating, with Original’s Brian Bishop tearing up the slide jam’s kicker and the Bustin’ Boards crew taking 4 of the top 6 spots in the downhill race — talk about domination!

Open Downhill Podium:

  1. José Guzman
  2. Jorge Garcia
  3. Drewski Mercado
  4. William Royce

Bustin’s Jonas Richter came in 5th place for the downhill event and also took first for the “Kick the Can”, the longest slide competition held at the slide jam. Sarah Paulshock took 2nd in the women’s downhill and 3rd in the freeride (waiting to hear the full women’s results).

While nothing can compete with actually being there, Duval Board Company and Duval Wheels released a pretty sweet edit showcasing all of the gnar that went down along with another edit showing some of the better bails that happened. I’ve posted them both below so you can get the full experience:

In Brief: 2011 South Beach Bomb Goes Off in Miami

The 2011 South Beach Bomb in Miami, Florida went off Saturday with around 200 riders storming the most famous beach in the world, riding 6.7 miles down the coast. While I couldn’t make it myself (and oh man did I want to) I did my best to imagine I was there by cranking up the heat in my room and patiently watching Twitter updates from some of the Bustin’ crew who made their way down as well as the Florida skaters that were representing hard.

Before the race Salomon tweeted that traffic was sketchy and Florida skaters were out in numbers which sounded like a mix that would be sure to make for a fun event. One of our fans on Facebook tipped us off to some great photos of the event, which I’m reposting below. They were originally tweeted by Lacko Illustration‘s Twitter account Lackostration and all copyright credit goes to him, props for sharing with us though!

If you were at the South Beach Bomb and have a more pictures, video, or a more in-depth write-up that you want to share e-mail me: mike [at] skatetheeast.net along with a short blurb about yourself.

And for those of you who haven’t heard…we’re getting ready to announce our first give-away as soon as our Facebook Page reaches 450 likes! Make sure you’re a fan of us on Facebook and share our post with your friends, the sooner we hit 450 likes the sooner we can announce the contest and get it started. Who doesn’t want a chance to win some sweet gear? Spread the word so we can help spread the stoke!

Bustin's Will Royce and Cami Best pre-race

Nice sized pack!

Miami Khauna swag, pushing isn't for everyone

Another shot of the pack from behind