In Brief: Soldiers of Downhill 2011

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it out to Soldiers of Downhill, which went down this past weekend in Bainbridge, OH, but I’ve heard some great things and figured I’d share what little information I’ve learned through browsing the web and the guys over at Bustin’ who make the trek out to Ohio and competed in the legendary event. The event apparently went well once the weather cleared up yesterday and allowed the skating to get a lot faster and more competitive. From what I’ve heard, it ended up being a very fun, fast, and competitive day. On their way back to Brooklyn early this morning “King” Salomon Lang from Bustin’ tweeted me saying:

Soldiers of Downhill is prob the craziest thing I have done. And loved it all! @
solomon la

He went on to post that the hill was absolutely insane, causing most to eat either some hay or asphalt. Probably the best quote from his post was how his respect for the downhill scene is growing by leaps and bounds. Pretty cool to see how the NYC push scene is breaking out and starting to dominate in downhill and freeride as well.

“Everyone who tackled this hill is INSANE! My respect for the DH scene increases with each event and my need for speed grows with it. I’m so stoked for next years events! Speed or Cry!” – Solomon Lang

Then Mike Dallas of Bustin’ posted this morning talking a little about Bustin’s performance at the race. Team member Will Royce (who shredded at the Central MA Event) skated hard and earned a spot into the final heat, poised for what looked like a possible spot on the podium, when a nasty crash brought him back to 4th place. Overall it was still a very successful weekend for the Bustin’ Boards crew who also saw team rider Jeff Vyain take 2nd place at Adrenalina Plano, TX on Sunday.

The only results I could find were a quick comment on the Facebook Event that said:

  1. Niko Desmarais
  2. AJ Haiby
  3. Jahcoop
  4. Will Royce

If anyone has official results/people’s full names e-mail me (mike [at] or comment on our Facebook page.

Below is a raw edit from a practice run showing Jester Hill and some of the gnarly pavement at the bottom. You can see how fast some of these runs can get in the video and with a pretty tight course I can only imagine how sweet some of the pack footage will be! I’ll update you guys as I learn more, until then, enjoy.

2011 Broadway Bomb & More — NYC 10/8/11

If you’re even remotely close to the Northeast this is the event that we’ve all been waiting for, the 2011 Broadway Bomb in New York City

on October 8th, 2011. I’m so excited I’m not even sure where to start. The event that saw over 550 skaters last year is expected to draw close to 750 this year. As of this posting there are currently 647 skaters registered and the number is climbing steadily making it a possibility there could be closer to 1,000 skaters total. UPDATE 10/4/11: As of 11:00PM tonight (Tuesday, 10/4) there are officially OVER 1,000 SKATERS REGISTERED FOR THE BROADWAY BOMB! Right now the number stands at 1,046 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down as we get closer to the race. With numbers like that the Broadway Bomb will literally take over the streets of Manhattan for the race — making it an uban longboard paridse. From what the Bustin’ Blog said we’ll skate through 150 traffic lights, 100,000 pedestrians, road blocks, road kill and the good ole police. I guess that’s why the race’s tagline is “YOU COULD DIE!” Both Friday 10/7 and Sunday 10/9 other events are taking place as well as some events right after the race on Saturday.

The 2011 Broadway Bomb Push Race & After parties:

The race is scheduled to go off right at noon (12:00PM) from Riverside Park at 116th and Broadway, the race ends at the bull statue on Wall Street. You can take the 1 train to 116th and get off there. This is *the* push event through the streets of Manhattan. In years past we’ve seen some super fast pushing and some pretty reckless skating through traffic lights and cars. This year there is a no skitching rule to help prevent injury and unwanted negative attention. You can register here for the race. If it’s raining there is a posted rain date for  October 17th. We’ll keep you updated if there’s question as to whether or not the race is on. 

Immediately after the race is the Bomb Ass BBQ at East River Park in Manhattan. The official start time is 2PM, you can skate over with the pack that will most definitely be headed over there or take the JMZF train to Delancey Street — either way you have to walk over the FDR via the pedestrian path

way to enter the park. It’s under the Williamsburg Bridge alongside the East River. This is going to be a great time and will allow for a lot of people to check out the famous Williamsburg Bridge — one of NYC’s best longboard spots.

If you still haven’t had enough there’s also the Bomb Ass Afterparty going down right next to the Longboard Loft at Lucky Jacks 125 Allan Street. Again it’s the JMZF train to Delancey Street.

Friday & Sunday Extended Bomb Sesssions:

So, in addition to the famous push race there are events to start the weekend off and finish it the right way on Friday night and Sunday afternoon (October 7th & 9th)

On Friday the Friday Night Rip Session is going down in Prospect Park, Brooklyn at 7:00PM. It’s a slide and freeride jam and will be sure to have appearances by some of the Earthwing and Bustin’ riders and will be tons of fun for everyone that shows up.

Sunday, for your post-race and after-party enjoyment you have the Sunday Style Sessions going down at 7AM on Dyckman Street in Manhattan. The Style Session is hosted by Uncle Funky’s Board Shop and requires a $20 registration fee (and very early wake-up).

If you’re looking for something a little later in the afternoon you can check out the Earthwing Technical Slide Jam at 1:00PM at the same location as the Style Session (Dyckman Street). It’s a freeride, hard wheel event. Contact Steve Kong at: for the Earthwing event.

It looks like it’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

Check out the documentary about the history of the Broadway Bomb and see some highlights from the 2009 Bomb:

Push Culture – The Broadway Bomb from Joe Goodman on Vimeo.

Video: “New York Longboard”

My buddy @Bosleezy sent me this video called “New York Longboard” by Alberto Alepuz. It features Bustin’ team rider Sirera Sorondo and and another guy named Ra. The video is an interesting mix between a somewhat artsy rain skate and an absolutely epic slide session in NYC (the same spot seen in a lot of the Earthwing videos). Check out the absolutely insane slide/hands down pirouette  (is that even right?) at around the 1:00 mark. Look for more videos of Sirera Sorondo in the future cause the kid is absolutely dirty.


New York Longboard from PERROPRO on Vimeo.