Caliber Announces 44* Precision Trucks & Volante Shows Liam Morgan Wheels

Talk about a big week in terms of product launches. First we had the big Loaded Boards announcements on Tuesday, when they announced their almost mythical and eagerly awaited downhill/freeride board, the Chubby Unicorn, and a new hybrid deck, the Kanthaka. As to not let the week get TOO dull, Caliber rocked everyone today when Wheelbase leaked a photo showing off the absolutely stunning 44* Caliber Precision Trucks. While we had seen some pictures of various skaters on their team riding prototype versions, and I had heard them rumored from various sources since the summer, I wasn’t expecting such a quick release date.

No word on when exactly you’ll be able to get your hands on them other than “before the holidays,” also no mention of price. We’ll let you know both of these things when we hear ’em. One thing we do know, thanks to their statement to Wheelbase (below) is that they’re even going to include an extra set of Blood Orange bushings in each durometer. That means you can buy the trucks and dial in exactly what you like without having to spend extra change finding the perfect bushing setup.

From Caliber’s Facebook release:

The wait is over Caliber Crew!! We are proud to announce the newest product in our lineup: Caliber Precision. Designed and manufactured in Santa Cruz Cali, these bad boys are ready to go just in time for the Holidays! Try them out on your setup and you will soon find that they will shred everything in their path…

From the Wheelbase article:

“Each set of Caliber Precision trucks will include precision hangers, baseplates, axels, speedrings and spacers; Limited Edition black URH Blood Orange Bushings, Riot precision pivot cups, as well as an extra set of Blood Orange bushing in each durometer (80a-92a).” –The Caliber Crew

To make for an even bigger day with the Caliber crew, their joint venture with Comet Skateboards, Volante Wheels, posted a picture of their new Liam Morgan wheels to their Instagram — expected for the very near future Holiday Season. The caption says they’re hot off the press, and MAN do these things look fresh. I cannot wait to learn more about ’em and see how they perform. The Greasy Young Man has some great taste, so I’m excited to see what they’ll have to offer.

UPDATE: Beyond confirming that they will indeed be available for the Holiday Season, Skate[Slate] gave us a nice idea of what they’re like, describing them as a “nice freeride wheel with a beefy lip that should be good for all around riding.”

That’s it for now — we’ll update you with anything more as we learn it.