Central Mass 4 Longboard Festival Announced

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.52.31 PMThe early news about the 2013 season out east just keeps getting better and better. Today our buddy Mike Girard created the Facebook Event for the 4th Annual Central Massachusetts Longboard Festival in Harvard, MA. After a super successful 3 years of running what we’ve called one of the most fun and best run events on the East Coast, Mike sounds like he’s planning on stepping it up a notch even further this year and making it into a full blow two day longboarding festival. In about 2 hours the event already got over 200 confirmed guests, with that number expected to grow closer to 2,000 come event time.

It’s all going down on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th — the festival will consist of multiple competitions for freeride/sliding, a downhill race, and a freestyle competition. The plan right now is for the DH race to be run on Saturday (with time to also allow non-racers time to ride the course), and the freeride/slide jam and freestyle events be held on Sunday. Unlike the last few years the DH course and slide jam will be on separate hills, meaning we’ll have the gnarliest runs for both days guaranteed Already Mike has been calling for kickers, ramps, and other features to help make the freeride portion even more exciting, especially with ramp champ Brian Bishop in attendance every year.

Mike is also looking to line up a videographer to take some video footage to create an in-house edit of the event. While we’ll be there along with Push Culture, Mike is looking to have an independent video source to help out. If you’ve got the gear and the know-how make sure you hit him up and let him know if you’d be interested in helping out. Hit him up at mikegirard@loadedboards.com if you can help with either the ramp or video situation.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more, for now you can look back on our coverage from the last two Central MA events and wait in eager anticipation for what will most likely be a wet and wild day. Mike is planning to meet with some town officials to solidify all the details, but we know that without a doubt it’ll be bigger and better than years past and cannot wait till August!


Wrap-up: 2011 Central MA Downhill & Freeride Competition Pictures and Video

UPDATES: I added the results of the Women’s Downhill Finals and corrected some of the results that I had confused. It was the end of a long day and misread the results list, my apologies — they’re correct and double checked now. I’ve also added a video taken by Robert Briggs of the Northern Skate Alliance just after the results video. 

What started out as a very wet, rainy New England day ended up being a mega success as 131 riders and even more fans from all over New England (and some from even further) descended upon the quaint town of Harvard, MA to compete in this year’s Central MA Downhill & Freeride Competition. According to Mike Girard, there were actually 84 different towns or cities being represented in 12 states and 3 different countries — talk about a turnout! The biggest event was Downhill, pulling in 90 riders, followed closely by Freeride which boasted 75 participants while the Flatland portion had 26 people participating.

The day was a TON of fun even with the crap weather at the beginning of the day. After the second round of downhill the rain stopped and clouds began to break, allowing the sun to start drying the course off. Unfortunately it made for some patchy pavement at first, but as the day progressed the hills dried out and by the time the Freeride competition took place the hill was almost back to normal.

There’s going to be a lot of video from this event, I should have an edit out sometime tomorrow and expect to see others starting to surface around the same time. Of course, as I find them or have them sent to me I’ll be sure to post them right here so stay tuned.

Below are the results for the Men’s Downhill and Freeride events. 

Men’s Downhill

  1. Will Royce
  2. Will Miranda
  3. Jeff Vyain & Brian Bishop (sharing due to tape sticking, and melting, to Bish’s trucks and wheels).

Women’s Downhill

  1. Sara Paulshock
  2. Laura Nocka
  3. Cordelia Welch

Men’s Freeride

  1. Eric Roth
  2. Norman Plante & Steve Kong (tied)
  3. Bruce Clark (of our friends from the Northern Skate Alliance)
  4. Josh Wright
  5. Will Royce
  • Longest hard wheel slide: Steve Kong
  • Longest soft wheel slide: Trevor Granville
  • Best Trick: Alex Newton (one foot nose blunt)
  • Biggest bail: Nick Sharek

Women’s Freeride

  1. Jess Carchia
  2. Laura Nocka (longest women’s standup)
  3. Sara Paulshock

If you want to actually see the winners take their prizes and the podium check out the awards ceremony video below:

Robert Briggs of the Northern Skate Alliance had his GoPro on hand and got some great footage from the event, including some helmet cam action, definitely worth a watch!

Central Massachusetts DH from some dude on Vimeo.

Also check out some of the photos I snapped from the event. I spent most of the day taking video (which will be edited and posted soon) but paused to take a few shots of the crowd both before and after the contest as well as the winners.

Central MA Competition TOMORROW! RAIN OR SHINE! — Updates and Info

What’s up what’s up?! Sorry for the lack up updates recently, I’ve been wicked busy and have had trouble taking the time out to post. That being said, I’m back, and you can expect a steady stream of updates coming from here on out again. That being said — this fall I know I’m going to need some help writing posts, so if you’re interested please drop me and e-mail and we can talk a little more (mike [at] skatetheeast.net).

Onto what’s important, the Central Massachusetts Competition is coming up tomorrow and everyone is pumped, the event is going to be so much fun with an unreal attendance AND WILL BE ON RAIN OR SHINE! For me it’s been the competition I’ve looked forward to the most all summer and since the hour is finally upon us, I’ve got some additional info you’ll need.

First thing’s first registration start’s at 9:00AM (although Mike said he and some others will be there a little earlier in case you’re traveling in from far out of town and get there early) on the Little Common in Harvard’s town center. Parking is on Massachusetts Avenue/MA-111 at the intersection of 1 Still River Road and moving the road towards Bolton. Parking in all areas is first-come, first-serve so the earlier you get there the better spot you’ll have. The second option for parking, if Mass Ave fills up, is at the Harvard Elementary School accessed via Fairbanks Street. The third parking area will be at Broomfield High School rear lot accessed via Pond Road in the event that the elementary school is full– in all events race staff will be helping to park cars. Below is a map of the parking areas in relation to each other and the event registration.

So now that parking is out of the way let’s talk about the event schedule. Mike Girard sent out a message on Facebook with the schedule as well as information about how the competition will run. We’ve posted this before, but wanted to post it again so you don’t have to go digging around all over the place for it.

9:00 AM: Registration starts. (We’ll be there earlier, so if you’re there before 9 then you can still register and get it out of the way)
9:30 AM: Road closes for setups (cones, haybales, etc)
9:45 AM: Shuttles to the top for first practice runs
10:00 AM: Practice runs start
11:00 AM: First downhill heats
2:00 PM: Projected start time for freeride (slide jam (all wheel types) followed by longest slide (hard and soft wheel divisions)
5:00 PM: Projected start time for flatland

Mike also posted the finalized version of the event formats:

–> DH is conducted as a 128 person, 4 per heat, top 2 advance, 6-round bracket. There is a separate bracket for women.
–> FREERIDE is a slide jam, with all riders split up into 4 big groups. Each group will have roughly 30 minutes to do all their slides in an open jam format. The top riders from each group are voted by JUDGES to advance to a final round, also jam-style.

After the slide jam is finished, there will be a LONGEST STANDUP SLIDE competition, split up into hard wheel and soft wheel divisions.
–> FLATLAND will be conducted in a judge-voted jam format on the basketball court at the Harvard Elementary school. We will all go over as a group. The road closure ends after we are off the event road.

Again, despite what the weather looks like this event is going to go on rain or shine. I’ll be up there so I hope to see a bunch of you up there spreading the stoke!

You can find our first post about the competition here.

If you need more to get amped for the event then check out the videos below:

And for those worried about rain…