How Josh Moskowitz Just Won the Most Improved Award

Josh Moskowitz might be up for a fat Most Improved award after this video cause the kid has been steady killing it this season, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s proof that if you focus on having fun skating and staying persistent, you’ll progress like whoa.

Fellow Westchester, NY locals and friends, Chris O’Brien and Beau Turcotte, joined in on the fun too. Obviously Chris’s skating is on point, as always, tearing up some of the 78a Pink Metro Motions with Beau coming in strong as well.

While I’m not too familiar with Beau, we’ll be keeping an eye on him for sure. Let me also take a second to be clear here, there’s no actual Most Improved Award…but if there was…

Check it out below then let us know what you think in the comments.


Video: Chris Getting Raw

As we, ever so slowly, emerge from the depths of a dreadful winter, the weather, and roads, are becoming more and more conducive to skating. Chris and I took full advantage, strapped the camera to the car, and pressed record. Chris finally got to put some real wear and tear on his 82a motions, and, as you can see, he definitely digs them. Spring is here, go skate.

Video: Flood Out the Club

It’s been a miserable winter up here in the Northeast. First of all it’s been cold since November, it’s been raining 4 days a week since Thanksgiving, and when it finally looks like we’ll have dry roads and no snow — it snows.

Skate days are few and far between but Team Tangy braved the cold and found one of the rare nice days to take to the Hills of the Hudson to work some of the winter time rust off. Our very own Jake Wade, along with Chris O’Brien and Jeff Hlavatovic shredded the hills of the Hudson in a good display of what makes east coast skaters a different breed, working around the elements and dealing with the hand that’s dealt.

Metro Wheel Co and Skate The East Give-Away!


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Video: Obee Wan gets down

Yo what up internet people. I’m Connor Bewighouse and I’m stoked to be writing for I’ll be here posting videos of East Coast skaters doing what they do best without all the hype. If you shred, and your video gets me stoked, chances are you could be featured on this here blog.  Nuff of that mumbo jumbo non sense, and onto what y’all are really here for.

East coast shredder Chris O’Brien gets in a raw run on a gnarly beast coast run tucked away in the mountains of New York. Chris has a dope, flowy style and if you don’t know who he is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months. Chris recently scooped up a truck sponsor from Buzzed Trucks to go along with his board hookup from Lifelong. When hes not doin’ hoodat stuff with his friends or losing my helmet, Chris is killin’ it sideways.  Check this video out as Chris puts aside the rotation spams for a little  and rages the hills to film this raw run…

While your here and stoked on this kid check out his welcome to the team video for Buzzed Trucks..

UPDATED: Lifelong Officially Releases Highly Anticipated “Seeker”

Lifelong Longboards is a fairly new name in the game but have been no stranger to publicity over the past few months, thanks mostly to the young and very talented team they’ve accrued, and their highly anticipated freeride board, the “Seeker.” A limited number of people were able to take advantage of the graphic-less “pre-sale” Seeker that was available (which I thought looked super sleek) but once that went away people were left to feind for the deep W concave with no definitive date from Lifelong as to when the Seeker would be officially on sale. Wait no more, because as of yesterday the Seeker is finally here and here to stay.

The board, designed primarily for freeriding and light downhill is a double-kick symmetrical shape. It’s 41 inches long with a 27/28 inch wheelbase. It’s 10 inches wide at it’s widest point and tapers off to 9.75 inches at its narrowest. It’s got half an inch of rocker and nice and deep 5/8inch concave in addition to the big W they’re becoming known for.

The new look is the biggest change (I think only change, actually) between the “pre-sale” Seeker and final version. I’m very happy to see that they didn’t decide to cover up the beautiful looking bamboo veneer but instead created a fairly elegant looking graphic that compliments the stained bamboo very nicely. The final product really does look pretty and has a somewhat summer feel to it. No doubt you’ll see these puppies popping up on freeride hills near you very soon as it’s already established itself as a freeride classic with it’s massive W concave and super-usable kicktails. UPDATE: I stand corrected on the major differences between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version. The other major difference between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version is the makeup of the board’s core. The final seeker has strayed from being all bamboo to using a rock hard maple base to give it added stiffness and stability and make for a solid standing platform.


Below is a video of our homie and Lifelong Team Rider Chris O’Brien rocking the Seeker hard in a promo video he did for the board’s release. Also, you can use Chris’s coupon code “Chris5off” (note the capital “C”) at checkout to receive — you guessed it — $5 off the price.

Videos: Two for Tuesday’s Back Again

It’s Tuesday so why not give you 2 videos instead of one? Just like before it’s officially a Two for Tuesday with two videos from some of our favorite East Coast skaters shredding in both Massachusetts and New York/Southern CT.

Nelson Longboards’ Jake Wade and Lifelong Longboards’ Chris O’Brien released their new edit tonight showing them shredding in New York and Southern CT. Battling the cold weather we’ve had lately these guys managed to act like it was nothing and pull out some absolutely steezy moves. I’m excited to see what Chris can do once he warms up to his Lifelong and starts getting at those kicktails a bit more. It’s quick at only around 1:30 long but shows some gnarly skating and smoooooooth standies. As usual the editing and camera work are well done — make sure you watch it in HD.

Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt are at it again with another edit putting together all their stray footage from 2011. Set to a Busta Rhymes remix in my opinion it’s one of the best videos ever — but that might be my rap fanboy in me talking.

Lifelong Longboards Announces Chris O’Brien as a new Team Rider!

Our post earlier today showing off Team Tangy’s new video couldn’t have come at a better time since we just got news that Chris O’Brien has officially been added to the Lifelong Longboards team! A warm and heartfelt congrats goes out to Chris, who we had a chance to skate and film with this past weekend.

Lifelong, while a fairly new board company, has already been making a splash with the insane amount of talk surrounding their freeride/light DH deck, “The Seeker.” In fact, Lifelong has had so much talk about “The Seeker” they decided to offer a “pre-sale” version with only a stained-wood finish and white “Lifelong” logo on it which, in my opinion, looks beautiful. Something to make them even sweeter? They’re a local East Coast company based out of Massachusetts meaning they support the East Coast stoke and scene hard! We posted a video featuring the Seeker by Douglass Schmidt not long ago showing its prowess with some downhill and downhill freeriding and recently were shown another video showing it’s freestyle capabilities!

I asked Chris to answer a few questions for us after we heard about the announcement which you can find below:

Skate The East: How’d you and the guys from Lifelong link up?
Chris O’Brien: A lot of facebook groups and friends informed me about Lifelong even before they released the Rebel. I had been following their progress for a while and had been talking to a few team members. Finally asked them and it was a yes!

STE: What’s your current setup? Future setup? 
CO: My current setup is a comet voodoo d2, SZ indeesz 177mm, Pink Powerballs
Future setup is same thing but with a Lifelong Seeker deck.

STE: What or who influences your skating the most? 
CO: I think my good friend Jake Wade influences my skating the most. We work very well together and end up pushing each other’s limits through competition.

STE: What are your goals for this upcoming season? 
CO: This season i basically want to go faster, go bigger, and have fun in the process!

STE: What’s next for Team Tangy? 
CO: We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing, making edits and improving our skills!

STE: Simple question, Kool Aid or Tang? 
CO: Despite the similarities to Tang, I’m going to have to go with Kool Aid, classic drink.

Video: Gliding not Sliding with Team Tangy

I finally got to skate with Chris O’Brien and Jake Wade of Team Tangy on Saturday for a full day of skating and filming in the unseasonably warm 63*F weather. Our first stop of the day was at the infamous “Freeride Heaven,” a 12% grade hill with perfect pavement that, mixed with the temperature, allowed for some buttery slides that left ‘thane lines for DAYS. After getting some footage and our fill of freeriding, we headed over to East Rock for a few downhill runs (unfortunately the helmet cam footage got deleted…) to close out the day.

Make sure you watch it in the full HD goodness for full effect. Also, shout outs to East Coast extraordinair Bruce Clark who makes a quick appearance in green during that tripple standy scene.

Video: Chris O’Brien Rider Profile

This week we introduce Chris O’Brien into the mix with his rider profile that he and his crew — TeamTangy — put together. It’s a nice mix between skating and interview, letting you get to know Chris a little bit in addition to seeing him shred. It’s another example of the high-quality videos we’ve seen coming out of the tri-state area lately. It doesn’t look like Chris is sponsored by anyone yet, although if his skills keep progressing at this pace I’m sure it won’t be too long before someone picks him up.

If you missed it, you can always catch the 2 for Tuesday post we did last week with two videos from CT native and Original team rider Billy Wilson.