El Beasto Goes Wild

He’s already called El Beasto for a reason, but this video shows you just how gnarly Scott Lembach is as he takes it to the next level.

If you’re not familiar with him, we’ll take a second to fill you in. Scott “El Beasto” Lembach, a Baltimore, MD native, is the ¬†owner of MuirSkate, one of the raddest skate shops in the industry, hands down. Scott is a super chill dude and a gnarly skater known for going FAST and making it look easy down challenging runs.

Right now he’s getting ready for his next IGSA race down in Teutonia, Brazil and has been using this¬†27% grade monster as a practice run leading up to the race in November. With top speeds in excess of 70 MPH this hill is absolutely next level and the stuff legends are made of.

Scott is also rocking the new Earthwing Skateboards 2014 Supermodel Top Mount in the video. The boys from NYC look like they got it right with this one, it’s got some juicy looking concave and sexy as hell curves, hopefully I can spend some quality time with one soon. +1 for the east coast.