Video: Brian Bishop Passes Time

For a video that was made while passing time waiting for the train, I have to say, I wish I could wait for trains like this. Brian shows off some of his amazing flatland skills that display the impressive marriage of classic short board techniques and tricks and longboarding style, flow, and gear that he has created. Worth noting is that Bish is riding the new 40″ Apex Protoype in this video and boy does it look sweet.

Waiting for the train from Skate District Films on Vimeo.

Central MA Competition TOMORROW! RAIN OR SHINE! — Updates and Info

What’s up what’s up?! Sorry for the lack up updates recently, I’ve been wicked busy and have had trouble taking the time out to post. That being said, I’m back, and you can expect a steady stream of updates coming from here on out again. That being said — this fall I know I’m going to need some help writing posts, so if you’re interested please drop me and e-mail and we can talk a little more (mike [at]

Onto what’s important, the Central¬†Massachusetts¬†Competition is coming up tomorrow and everyone is pumped, the event is going to be so much fun with an unreal attendance AND WILL BE ON RAIN OR SHINE! For me it’s been the competition I’ve looked forward to the most all summer and since the hour is finally upon us, I’ve got some additional info you’ll need.

First thing’s first registration start’s at 9:00AM (although Mike said he and some others will be there a little earlier in case you’re traveling in from far out of town and get there early) on the Little Common in Harvard’s town center. Parking is on Massachusetts Avenue/MA-111 at the intersection of 1 Still River Road and moving the road towards Bolton. Parking in all areas is first-come, first-serve so the earlier you get there the better spot you’ll have. The second option for parking, if Mass Ave fills up, is at the Harvard Elementary School accessed via Fairbanks Street. The third parking area will be at Broomfield High School rear lot accessed via Pond Road in the event that the elementary school is full– in all events race staff will be helping to park cars. Below is a map of the parking areas in relation to each other and the event registration.

So now that parking is out of the way let’s talk about the event schedule. Mike Girard sent out a message on Facebook with the schedule as well as information about how the competition will run. We’ve posted this before, but wanted to post it again so you don’t have to go digging around all over the place for it.

9:00 AM: Registration starts. (We’ll be there earlier, so if you’re there before 9 then you can still register and get it out of the way)
9:30 AM: Road closes for setups (cones, haybales, etc)
9:45 AM: Shuttles to the top for first practice runs
10:00 AM: Practice runs start
11:00 AM: First downhill heats
2:00 PM: Projected start time for freeride (slide jam (all wheel types) followed by longest slide (hard and soft wheel divisions)
5:00 PM: Projected start time for flatland

Mike also posted the finalized version of the event formats:

–> DH is conducted as a 128 person, 4 per heat, top 2 advance, 6-round bracket. There is a separate bracket for women.
–> FREERIDE is a slide jam, with all riders split up into 4 big groups. Each group will have roughly 30 minutes to do all their slides in an open jam format. The top riders from each group are voted by JUDGES to advance to a final round, also jam-style.

After the slide jam is finished, there will be a LONGEST STANDUP SLIDE competition, split up into hard wheel and soft wheel divisions.
–> FLATLAND will be conducted in a judge-voted jam format on the basketball court at the Harvard Elementary school. We will all go over as a group. The road closure ends after we are off the event road.

Again, despite what the weather looks like this event is going to go on rain or shine. I’ll be up there so I hope to see a bunch of you up there spreading the stoke!

You can find our first post about the competition here.

If you need more to get amped for the event then check out the videos below:

And for those worried about rain…