Video: Moose Jones

Got this video submitted in and just had to post it.   Moose shreds with a passion and creativity that you don’t see in most younger shredders, while many groms worry about how long they can stand up slide, Moose is out there just having fun.  In this edit watch him style through the neighborhoods of upper northwest Washington DC.

Video: Sh*t East Coast Longboarders Say

First off: I know the blog has been a bit quiet in the past couple of days but we’ve been keeping a steady stream of updates going to our Facebook Page. Make sure you pop over there every now and then and stay current with pictures I upload on the fly, videos, and more.

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or watch YouTube you’ve surely seen the insane amount of “Sh*t XYZ Says” videos that have been making their way around the interwebs. A few weeks back some jokers tried (and failed miserably) to be funny by making a “Sh*t Longboarders Say” video, so needless to say I expected the worst when I got the link for this one. Thankfully my intuition was wrong, the video is SUPER well done and is really funny — they hit the nail on the head for a lot of the lines they used. Check it out and get a good chuckle.