10 Things You Can Do While It Snows or Rains to Stay Ready to Shred

1. Clean and inspect your gear.

With the nice weather we’ve been having it’s been pretty easy to keep skating and not take the time to properly clean and inspect your gear. We’re all guilty of it but with winter finally here for the East Coast it provides the perfect time to clean your bearings, get the dirt and sand out of your griptape, and rotate those wheels. It’s also the perfect time to inspect your gear — make sure you’re not riding a dead bearing, your bushings aren’t thrashed to hell, and your deck isn’t delamming or cracked. If you notice anything out of the ordinary it’s time to move onto #2. Fix or build something.

2. Fix or Build Something

Now that you’ve cleaned and inspected your board and gear, you’ll either have nothing to or you’ll most likely have something to fix. If this is the case go about taking the proper steps to fix what you can or start searching the interwebs for places you can buy replacement parts or gear (East Coast Core Skates what’s up?!). Many problems have solutions and there are great tutorials out there for just about anything- just run a Google search. Many problems with decks can be fixed with some epoxy while things like flatspotted and coned wheels can be fixed with a lathe or Dremmel.

If all your gear is in great shape and you don’t have much fixing to do then try your hand at building something! Nose and tail guards are always a great option if you’re not looking to get too down and dirty, otherwise go for something a bit more┬áchallenging┬álike a launch ramp or kicker.

3. Balance board

If you own a balance board then jump on it for an hour or two while you watch TV or a movie. The more time you spend on it the more you’ll improve your balance which will translate to smoother skating and allow you to push your limits even further. Check YouTube for useful videos and exercises. Adam Colton did a great one a couple years back.

4. Edit that old footage from the summer

If you’ve got a camera and have ever filmed more than one session then there’s a good chance you have some old, leftover footage that you meant to come back to but just haven’t. Go back into your external hard drive or the deep depths of your “Movies” folder and pull out some of that old footage and edit it together for a “Frankenstein” edit — bring that footage back to life!

5. Start clearing a path to skate and plan your next session!

The earlier you get to clearing off the path you want to skate, the earlier it’ll be ready to. Make a couple trips out to your favorite skate spot and shovel or brush off some of the snow, especially if its a bike path or seldom used sidewalk. The earlier you get to clearing it off, the less you’ll have to do in the end and the faster you’ll be back on four wheels spreading stoke. It’ll also make the snow melt more completely and the road dry evenly, so you won’t have those awkward and painful times where you get highsided or ice out thanks to half the road being wet…

6. Scour Google Maps for new downhill runs and freeride hills

Take some time to get down and dirty with Google Maps (turn the “Terrain” setting on) and find some new downhill runs with sweet hairpins and sweeping turns or that perfectly steep and straight freeride hill that you’ve been looking for. Google Maps makes the hunt much easier and if you give yourself enough time searching, you’re bound to find a new spot to try in your own back yard (or at least within a reasonable drive).

7. Find a New Trick to Learn

Go back to that crazy video you saw or slide jam footage we posted and look for new tricks you can incorporate into your skating. Chances are theres a variation of a trick you can already do or something you’re close to pulling off already that you just need to dial in — watch how the pros do it and try to pick up some tips for the next time you get back out there. Loaded’s YouTube channel, LoadedNewsletter, has produced some of the best trick tip videos for longboarding over the years, so take a look over there too!

8. Catch up on any of the videos we posted but you might have missed

We’ve been posting a lot of high quality videos featuring East Coast skaters, events, and locations. Take a trip through our Videos Category to catch up on anything you might have missed. It might help out with #7 Find a New Trick to Learn, too.

9. Pray for warm and sunny days

This one goes without saying. Pray, channel, meditate, dance — whatever you do try to encourage that 60* F weather to come back and bring us a skate-able winter again.


Another one that goes without saying. Get stoked for your next session so when it’s finally time you can shred it full force!

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