Fresh Wheel Co. x Skate The East Danger Wheels Give Away!

It’s been a little while since our last full fledged give away, so we teamed up with a new east coast wheel company out of Maryland, Fresh Wheel Co., to give everyone a chance to win a new set of wheels or a Skate The East t-shirt. The guys over at Fresh have been hard at work developing their new wheels over the past few months so we’re stoked to be able to team up with them and give a set of their Danger downhill/freeride wheels to one lucky winner. They’re 72mm 80a wheels that were developed with east coast gnarliness in mind, a perfect piece of gear to start the summer off right.  Another lucky person will walk away looking fresher than before in a Skate The East t-shirt with some stickers to swag your board out, too. Make sure to read on for all the details on how to enter!


The contest is going to go down a little different than the last few we’ve done, forcing you to get off the computer and get out onto some hills if you want to win! To enter:

  1. “Like” both Skate The East and Fresh Wheel Co. on Facebook
  2. Share the contest photo with your friends
  3. Post an original photo of you or a friend shredding on the Fresh Wheel Co. Facebook Page’s wall
  4. Tag both Fresh Wheel Co. and Skate The East in the photo.

From here we’ll choose the top 10 photos to move onto the next round and let you guys decide who wins by voting on which photo you like best. All photos must be submitted by June 5th (that’s a week from today) in order for you to be entered! Make sure you’re a fan of both pages by then as well, otherwise your photo will be disqualified. If you have questions hit us up by leaving a comment below, via e-mail (mike [at] skate the or on our Facebook Page.

Happy skating and good luck! We’re amped to see what people come up with!

Metro Wheel Co and Skate The East Give-Away!


Alright folks, our new give-away is here! We teamed up with Metro Wheel Co. to give away their new, dank freeride wheel, the Metro Links. It’s simple, all you have to do to win is:

1. Like Skate The East on Facebook

2. Like Metro Wheel Co. on Facebook

3. Like our post to be entered! Also share it with your friends to help spread the word.

We’ll draw 3 winners for the Metro Links wheels, Skate The East Dank Tank, and sticker packs on Feburary 9th, so stay tuned for the winner!

Go check out what Metro has cookin’ on their website!

YO DAWG! Wanna win some Holesom Scented Slide Pucks?!

YO DAWG! We heard you might want some of those super sweet smelling Holesom Scented Slide Pucks? Good news, we’re giving a set away to one lucky winner!

YUP, you heard correctly, and it’s super easy to enter, just follow the instructions below.


1. Like Skate The East on Facebook

2. Like Holesom Scented Slide Pucks on Facebook

3. Use the “Share” feature on the give-away image to share with your friends on your Timeline. You must make sure to change the share setting to “Public,” otherwise we won’t be able to see your entry! See the image below if you’re still unsure as to what we’re talking about.


Our give-away fine print is neither fine nor complicated, check out the additional rules: A winner will be announced at some point on Friday, November 9th so you’re welcome to enter until 11:59 P.M. on Thursday November 8th. Any shares we see after that won’t be counted. Also major props to our home girl Lauren Suchocki for hookin’ it up!

ALSO BEFORE YOU GO! Our good friend Victor Tu, who you’ve seen or heard about on the site multiple times, broke is back riding downhill a few weeks ago and is currently paralyzed from the waist down. Times are tough for everyone, but this accident has been felt far throughout the community, and we think it’s only right that we come together to support Victor. I’ve been to the hospital to see Victor and he’s in great spirits, thanks to the support of fellow skaters and friends. If you want to take that support one step further, please donate to the fund currently set up to help Victor pay for a special custom wheel chair once he leaves his long-term recovery hospital. We’ve already broken the $1,000 mark in just a few hours and only have another $1,500 to go! Anything you can spare will make a huge difference to a dear friend and huge influence in the Northeast downhill community! Go Victor, skate Tu fast!


Bustin’ “I Bomb Broadway” T-Shirt Give Away!

We’re trying to break 1,000 fans on Facebook and are giving away a Bustin’ t-shirt to do it. Head on over to our Facebook page for all the details on how you can get in to win. The contest is only going to last until the morning though, so act fast!


Quick! Skate The East vinyl sticker Give Away!

As I wait for the “I REP THE EAST” stickers to come in (hopefully tomorrow) I’ve been experimenting a bit with some sweet vinyl stickers that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Unlike most stickers which are a continuous rectangle of vinyl, each letter on these stickers has been individually cut out, meaning that if you’re applying them to a curved surface (say a helmet or bottom of a board) they tend to stick a bit better and come out wrinkle-free. Pretty sweet right? Not only that, but they tend to look like they’re actually part of whatever you apply them to. Check out the sticker I put on my Apex 40 for an example.

There was a lot of feedback when I posted the first picture, mostly being “I WANT ONE!” so I’ve taken some steps to offer them on sale soon (along with the “I REP THE EAST” stickers) but in the mean time wanted to get a few out there to you guys.

I’m giving away 5 stickers (2 green “Skate The” block stickers, 1 white “Skate The” block sticker, 2 “Skate The” strip stickers) for this round, each person has the chance to win one. We’ll let entries stay open through tomorrow at midnight (Friday 12:00AM EST).

To enter you must comment on THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST (which requires you to be logged into Facebook) and must also like the contest picture on our Facebook page. Make sure you do both so you’re entered. If you miss out on this one don’t worry, once these stickers are in stock we’ll not only have them for sale but do a few more give aways as well!

Eden Racing Precision Spacers Give-Away and Video

I think we can all agree that few things are better in this world than free stuff. Quality free stuff is even better, which is why I felt the need to turn your attention to a give-away our friend Russ at Eden Racing is running right now.

The precision spacers that have been gaining quite a name for themselves throughout the Northeast for killing chatter have been back in stock for a couple weeks now, and Russ has decided to give away sets to 5 lucky people who “Like” their page on Facebook and share the contest post. The contest is going to run for a week, meaning you have until Thursday (1/19) to share the post with your friends — make sure the privacy setting is set to “public” so that they can see your entry! If you click on the image below it will take you to the Facebook post to share!

You’ll also probably remember me mentioning that I got a chance to shred with Eden rider Josh Wright along with Lauren Suchocki and Russ for a couple days last week in Western Mass. Josh and Russ ended up getting some helmet cam footy and posted it on YouTube last night. The last run was quite a surprise, especially for Lauren and I who saw it live, and we’re stoked Josh and Russ got it on camera! If it looks similar to the video that Lauren and Douglass Schmidt did not long ago, it’s because it was filmed at the same location. Peep it below:

Merry Christmas & Give Away Winner!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Skate The East!

As we promised, we’ve selected the winner of our Never Enough Presents Give Away and man are we excited! The response on our Facebook Page was absolutely unreal, thanks so much to everyone that took the time to enter! We’re stoked that people got so excited and are going to be running more contests in the future, so if you didn’t win this time be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another chance soon!

Without further adieu the winner is Nikolos Robinson from New York! Nikolos, you’ve got 24 hours to contact us ( and claim your prize, otherwise we’ll draw another name and announce a new winner tomorrow.

Thanks again for everyone who entered and showed support! We’ve got a lot more in store for the future so make sure you check back often!

1st Annual “Never Enough Presents Give-Away”

Alright folks, as we promised we’re going to run our first give-away now that we met our goal of 450 likes on our Facebook page today. While at first we figured it would take well into the week, the amount of support we received was almost overwhelming and helped us reach our goal before the end of the night! We recently teamed up with the Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels family to bring you this contest as well as a bunch of exciting content in the future. A big props to all the guys and gals over there!

As promised, since we hit our target of 450 likes on Facebook I’m going to release the details of the contest. We’re calling it the “Never Enough Presents Give-Away” and are offering up a set of Orangatang 80a Stimulus wheels to one lucky winner. We’re in the process of seeing if we can also work out a second and third place prize, but will keep you updated with more details as to whether or not we can.

Since it’s our first contest we decided to keep it simple. To enter all you have to do is:

  1. Like Skate The East, Loaded Boards, and Orangatang Wheels on Facebook.
  2. Use the “Share” button to share this post with your friends.
  3. Say something creative and tag Skate The East, Loaded Boards, and Orangatang Wheels in your status.

Make sure you read on for the fine-print!


We’ll be tracking entries based on the tags we get in posts, so make sure you do step #3! You’ll have until 12:00AM on December 25th (in other-words midnight Christmas Eve) EST to enter the contest and the winner will be announced both via our Facebook  Page and here on Skate The East at 12:00PM (noon) on Christmas Day. The winner will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize, otherwise another winner will be selected and given 24 hours to claim. If we don’t reach 40 “shares” on Facebook the contest will be void and will run again after the holiday — we want to make sure there’s a fair chance for everyone to win.

Good luck to everyone and a merry Christmas and Chanukah to all!