Video: Dang Yang with David Yang

If that title isn’t a tongue twister I don’t know what is, that or you’re just really good at saying tongue twisters. Either way it doesn’t really matter, all that does is that you head over and peep this ill edit featuring the NYC native and once broken David Yang. Filmed and chopped up (that’s edited for those of you who didn’t follow along) by Jean Teaza, who Connor recently posted a video of. The guys headed out to subrbia to show that they can hang on the hills and that David is back in full force from what had to have been one of the gnarliest leg-breaks we’ve heard about yet. One of the cool things about the video you might not pick up on right away is the unique use of the skate sounds combined with the music, something I really enjoyed. Glad to see David is skating so well and can’t wait to see what the future will bring from these two.

David skates for our friends at Bustin’ Boards NYC and PushCulture Apparel and says he loves Skate The East oo so much. He’s rocking a Bustin’ Ratmobile in this video. Show some love and leave a comment below.