Kai and Josh Killin’ It

Whats up fellow shredders? Believe it or not I’m back in the video bloggin’ game with a two raw runs of two different NYC area skaters on the same hill.

The first one is Kai Monroe goin’ balls deep skating sketchy fast and clearly killin’ it. Kai is always mad fun to skate with and just as fun to chill with off his board. Kai also loves to party. Check out his raw run down an east coast classic.

The next video is of Josh Moskowitz skating the same hill, but in different fashion. Josh has improved like crazy in the past year and although his skating style is different, you gotta give it up because this kids got style. Although he is skating the hill way different than Kai did, Josh is haulin’ and definitely chillin’.

How Josh Moskowitz Just Won the Most Improved Award

Josh Moskowitz might be up for a fat Most Improved award after this video cause the kid has been steady killing it this season, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s proof that if you focus on having fun skating and staying persistent, you’ll progress like whoa.

Fellow Westchester, NY locals and friends, Chris O’Brien and Beau Turcotte, joined in on the fun too. Obviously Chris’s skating is on point, as always, tearing up some of the 78a Pink Metro Motions with Beau coming in strong as well.

While I’m not too familiar with Beau, we’ll be keeping an eye on him for sure. Let me also take a second to be clear here, there’s no actual Most Improved Award…but if there was…

Check it out below then let us know what you think in the comments.


Video: Steady Steezin

Check out New York native Josh Moskowitz as he steezes down some curvy neighborhood runs.  We first met Josh a minute ago, when our homies Chris O’Brien and Jake Wade brought him along to a session when he first started skating and it’s been a ton of fun to watch him progress since then. You gotta love the old school fish eye cam, too.