Wrap-up: King of Clermont 2012

This year’s King of Clermont event went down this past weekend in Clermont, Florida, a longboarding haven just north of Orlando where Floridians gather for some downhill action. Being Florida’s only real downhill event of the year, it attracts skaters from all over the state as well as up and down the East Coast. It’s a prime spot for riders looking to get out of the cold and into the sun to kick the season off right. Fortunately for us the Bustin’ Boards Crew packed their bags once again and headed down to the race, giving us an idea of what was going down despite the fact that we couldn’t be there to give you some on-site coverage.

From photos and video I’ve seen so far the event looks like it had a HUGE turnout, not just from riders but spectators, too! Both the slide jam and downhill event looked like they had some gnarly skating, with Original’s Brian Bishop tearing up the slide jam’s kicker and the Bustin’ Boards crew taking 4 of the top 6 spots in the downhill race — talk about domination!

Open Downhill Podium:

  1. José Guzman
  2. Jorge Garcia
  3. Drewski Mercado
  4. William Royce

Bustin’s Jonas Richter came in 5th place for the downhill event and also took first for the “Kick the Can”, the longest slide competition held at the slide jam. Sarah Paulshock took 2nd in the women’s downhill and 3rd in the freeride (waiting to hear the full women’s results).

While nothing can compete with actually being there, Duval Board Company and Duval Wheels released a pretty sweet edit showcasing all of the gnar that went down along with another edit showing some of the better bails that happened. I’ve posted them both below so you can get the full experience:

King of Clermont 2012 — Jan 14-15

It’s a good couple months to be in Florida if you’re a longboarder living on the East Coast. As the weather gets colder and the rain starts to turn into sleet and snow skate season is quickly fleeting for many of us here on the Right Coast but Florida is here to the rescue. Not only is the South Beach Bomb 2011 going down in Miami this weekend, King of Clermont will be back a few months earlier this year to get you psyched for the competitions that will pick back up in late March/April and prove that you haven’t lost those skills since the summer. This year they’re adding more hay bails to the course (which was a problem last year, apparently) and they rented a U-Haul truck to get everyone back to the top even faster, as Charlie Sheen would say, “#winnging.”

This year’s competition will feature two full days of absolutely gnarly skating. Day one will feature a slide jam with prizes for Biggest Air, Best Trick, and a game of “Kick the Can,” in addition to a Gnar Slalom event. Day two will be the fastest day of racing in Florida as the 3 division Downhill Race takes place.

Registration is $30 for 1 day and $50 for both. There is a strict cap of 125 riders so register early, once the event fills up there’s not much you can do about it and you’re not gonna wanna miss out. The race will be held at the Hampton Golf and Country Club on Sugarloaf Mountain  (1455 Mountain Club Drive, Clermont, FL 34715) with camping nearby at Bee’s RV Resort.

Sponsors are nearly endless since this is the only downhill competition in Florida and has proven to be quite awesome. Bustin’, Rayne, ABEC-11, Vicious Grip Tape, Bern, Gullwing Trucks and many more have signed on — meaning you’ll have a good chance of winning some sweet gear in raffles if you don’t end up placing high enough to win.

Of course, a helmet is required and you must have a signed waiver to skate. If you’re seen without a helmet you’ll be asked to leave — so don’t be that guy! More information can be found on the King of Clermont website.

Check out the full race schedule below which we found thanks to Bustin’:

Saturday January 14th 2012
9:00am – Rider meeting and registration
11:00am – Hill opens for freeride (MUST be registered before riding)
12:00pm Gnar Slalom
2:00pm – Hard Wheel slide comp (30 min Jam Session)
2:30pm – Soft Wheel slide comp (30 min Jam Session)
3:00pm – Kick the Can AKA Longest Slide
3:30pm – Biggest Air
4:00pm – Hill open for freeride
6:00pm – Hill closed

Sunday January 15th 2012
9:00am – Rider meeting and registration
10:00am – Hill open for practice (MUST be registered before riding)
12:00pm – First heat begins
3:00pm – Finals *Hill closed for riding after finals*
4:00pm – Awards

Registration will be as follows:
Open (17 and above)
Grom (16 and below)

If you pay for single day freeride you are registered for ALL events but are not obligated to participate in every event.