Review: Landyachtz KM FSU Hawgs

The new Landyachtz wheels that have everyone talking are none other than the new KM FSU Hawgs designed from the ground up by Landy team member and Greener Pastures star Kyle Martin. The FSU’s feature a large core, deep urethane, and center set design to maximize the wheel’s life span, make it easy to break out into a slide and still allow you to shave off as much speed as you need.

Pretty early on into the testing process Henry, Thomas, and I all realized there was a learning curve to these wheels and a necessary requisite: speed. The KM FSU’s are rather unforgiving unless you’re really going fast, being a bit too grippy and bucking all of us more than once until we realized that speed really was the key. Once you’re going fast, however, these things feel great. Slides are incredibly predictable and easy to initiate and the wheels shave just enough speed to get you back into your comfort zone and allow you to set up for your next slide before you’ve picked up too much speed.

The super wide contact patch in addition to the center-set core help with a secure feeling during slides, meaning you spend less time working about your wheels coming out from under you and more time focused on what’s coming up next. The center-set core makes slides super easy to initiate still, though, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Despite being white and 80a the KM FSU’s don’t leave the chalkiest of thane lines, although once they’re broken in they do thane a little. On the plus side, they’re super durable and should last you a while. If you’re going to be doing some fast free riding then the KM FSU’s are right up your alley and might be exactly what you’e been missing in your wheel quiver, if you’re thinking about keeping the speeds on the lower end, though, you might want to look elsewhere.

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