Holesom: A Peek at the Pucks

(w)Holesom(e): adj. conducive to moral or general well-being; beneficial; healthy.

Laurenzo, photo credit Mike DiPietro

Healthy indeed. Bacon, blueberry pancakes, bubblegum… not only are the flavor-scents fit for your health, but the mission behind Holesom and the utility of their new slide pucks are as well. After chatting with the owner of Holesom and man behind the smelly pucks, his down-to-earth demeanor and contribution to the community helped me understand the company. Without drawing too much personal attention to this humble dude, let me tell you more…!

A Laguna native, he runs Holesom from Lake Forest, just a few steps inland. Being such a small company with a tough launch and no other employees, Holesom released these scented pucks in August 2011 and manages to keep a team of spectacular skaters on hand. The owner decided to direct the company’s light and attention purely towards the products and the team riders.

So speaking of team riders, I had the chance to talk to Jesse Breiman about the pucks he is sporting. Jesse got involved at some point in space-time when he received a set of pucks to try out.

Skate The East: What excited you about Holesom and their pucks?

Jesse Breiman: The smell, the freshness, and the pure style of colored pucks.

STE: What do you like about your pucks?

JB: The different variety of smells, the nice slide, and all the different colors for supreme mix and match capability.

STE: What’s your favorite flavor-scent combo?

JB: I like the pinks and the bacon.

Jesse Breiman, photo credit Dustin Damron

Yes, Jesse. The freshness is high. For those wondering if the smell is too potent, cease the worry. The scents are really low-key and pleasant. Only with really fat and long slides have I noticed them, otherwise you have to bring them up to your nose to smell their scents.

Why scented slide pucks? How many times do you pick something up and sniff it first? Back in February 2011, he picked up a bar of surf wax and immediately went to smell it. Memories are often logged with scents; Aside from sweaty kneepads and burning urethane, Holesom adds more smells to skateboarding.

Amanda Powell, one of the team riders and a pal of mine, tossed me my first set of Holesom pucks in January when I visited LA to flee from New England’s winter. The moment my hand was put down for a slide, a faint whiff of sweet bubblegum found my nostrils…as if the hot pink color wasn’t fabulous enough. I thought the holes (actually used for weight AND resistance reduction) would catch on some gnar-pave, but the butter smooth and icy Delrin formula is molded into a round-edged “squircle” shaped puck to be reckoned with.

Holesom makes Glowsom (glow-in-the-dark), Coco Butter, Bubblegum, and Blueberry Pancakes/Bacon as a breakfast pair. With an obvious passion for our four-legged fuzzy friends, he arranged to have $1 donated to the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter for every pair of Blueberry Pancakes/Bacon set sold. Even though this project has only been a few weeks old, it is a very respectable one.

With new scents of Orange and Lime set to release for this summer, I foresee smelly fun and growth for this little company. Great smells, great vibes, great slides.



Introducing Lauren Suchocki as Contributing Author

As the site continues to grow (thanks to awesome readers such as yourself), and our first birthday looms near I’ve felt that it’s finally time to bring another writer into the fold. As I look forward into Skate The East’s second year I see bigger and bigger things on the horizon and know this will be the first of several announcements like it.

I’m super excited to announce that my good friend and renowned New England shredder, Lauren Suchocki, will be joining Skate The East as a Contributing Author. For those of you who don’t know her, Lauren is a Massachusetts native who has made a name for herself up and down the East Coast pretty fast, having only been longboarding for about two years and downhill skateboarding for half the time. She currently spends most of her time skating both freeride/slopestyle and downhill, although she admitted to me that she actually started off doing freestyle tricks on a Dervish before discovering her love for hills. If you’ve been to any major event or session in the Northeast last year or so there’s a high chance you’ve seen Lauren around, spreading the stoke and constantly putting smiles on peoples faces.

In addition to the usual content you’ve come to expect to see, Lauren will be able to interject her perspective as a woman in the sport as well as her thoughts on gear.  She’s currently riding a newly revamped setup consisting of a Comet Greasehammer on Caliber 44s with Sector 9 Biothane wheels. Expect Lauren to start posting in the next week or so and give her a warm welcome when she does, you’ll be able to tell posts by her as they’ll be signed ” -L” or “-Lauren” at the bottom until we can turn authors names on.

Welcome aboard Lauren!

Photos: Lauren and Me in Zombie Town, U.S.A.

Lauren and I were skating the derelict old village area of one of our favorite freeride spots and decided to take some photos today. These are two of our favorite shots, if you want to see the entire album head on over to our Facebook Page and become a fan of ours while you’re at it!

Thanks to Lauren for snapping the shot of me!



Video: SZ Playday

If you’re following along with our Facebook Page (which you should be by now) you’ll remember that I posted an update earlier saying that we had perfect conditions up here in New England and were off to take downhill runs and footage, an endeavor that proved very successful.After our visit to the Surf-Rodz shop this past week Lauren and I were super stoked about everything Wayne and his crew are doing and called our good friend Henry in for a good ole Surf-Rodz downhill session. Just like I promised I got right to work on editing when I got home and cranked out a fun little downhill video featuring Lauren Suchocki, Henry Lancaster-Goguen, and myself.


Henry: Eden Racing Maple Sparrow w/ ABEC 11 75mm Big Zigs on 10mm 45* Surf-Rodz RKPs
Mike: TR Custom Longboards Blitz w/ Orangatang  70mm 80a 4Presidents on 10mm 45* Surf-Rodz RKPs
Lauren: Rayne Baby Killer w/ Orangatang  70mm 80a 4Presidents on 8mm 45* Surf-Rodz RKPs

Videos: Two for Tuesday’s Back Again

It’s Tuesday so why not give you 2 videos instead of one? Just like before it’s officially a Two for Tuesday with two videos from some of our favorite East Coast skaters shredding in both Massachusetts and New York/Southern CT.

Nelson Longboards’ Jake Wade and Lifelong Longboards’ Chris O’Brien released their new edit tonight showing them shredding in New York and Southern CT. Battling the cold weather we’ve had lately these guys managed to act like it was nothing and pull out some absolutely steezy moves. I’m excited to see what Chris can do once he warms up to his Lifelong and starts getting at those kicktails a bit more. It’s quick at only around 1:30 long but shows some gnarly skating and smoooooooth standies. As usual the editing and camera work are well done — make sure you watch it in HD.

Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt are at it again with another edit putting together all their stray footage from 2011. Set to a Busta Rhymes remix in my opinion it’s one of the best videos ever — but that might be my rap fanboy in me talking.

Eden Racing Precision Spacers Give-Away and Video

I think we can all agree that few things are better in this world than free stuff. Quality free stuff is even better, which is why I felt the need to turn your attention to a give-away our friend Russ at Eden Racing is running right now.

The precision spacers that have been gaining quite a name for themselves throughout the Northeast for killing chatter have been back in stock for a couple weeks now, and Russ has decided to give away sets to 5 lucky people who “Like” their page on Facebook and share the contest post. The contest is going to run for a week, meaning you have until Thursday (1/19) to share the post with your friends — make sure the privacy setting is set to “public” so that they can see your entry! If you click on the image below it will take you to the Facebook post to share!

You’ll also probably remember me mentioning that I got a chance to shred with Eden rider Josh Wright along with Lauren Suchocki and Russ for a couple days last week in Western Mass. Josh and Russ ended up getting some helmet cam footy and posted it on YouTube last night. The last run was quite a surprise, especially for Lauren and I who saw it live, and we’re stoked Josh and Russ got it on camera! If it looks similar to the video that Lauren and Douglass Schmidt did not long ago, it’s because it was filmed at the same location. Peep it below:

Video: Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt Battle Centars in Western MA

While the title isn’t true, hopefully it got your attention. Deep in the hills of Western Massachusetts we do find Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt battling a gnarly downhill run with what looks like an incredibly fun set of hairpins.

While we’ve seen some GoPro footage from Lauren and some others from this spot before, this is by far the best edit done there yet. Schmidt is once again showing his constantly progressing camera and editing skills in a quick yet fun and well done edit (they shot this just two days ago).

Since most people care, Douglass is riding a Lifelong Seeker with 176mm Surf-Rodz RKPs and 81a ABEC11 Flashbacks and Lauren is riding a Rayne Babykiller with 176mm Surf-Rodz RKPs and 80a Orangatang Stimulus wheels.