Video: The True Mids Fiends

The word ‘mids’ is getting thrown around these days but shouldn’t loose its origins, or be diluted by the masses.  Its a fiendish word that’s epitomized by two of the original mids users, Norm Plante and Eric Roth.  Check out their new edit, back in the homelands, filmed and cut by Tom Leary.

Central Mass 4 Longboard Festival Announced

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.52.31 PMThe early news about the 2013 season out east just keeps getting better and better. Today our buddy Mike Girard created the Facebook Event for the 4th Annual Central Massachusetts Longboard Festival in Harvard, MA. After a super successful 3 years of running what we’ve called one of the most fun and best run events on the East Coast, Mike sounds like he’s planning on stepping it up a notch even further this year and making it into a full blow two day longboarding festival. In about 2 hours the event already got over 200 confirmed guests, with that number expected to grow closer to 2,000 come event time.

It’s all going down on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th — the festival will consist of multiple competitions for freeride/sliding, a downhill race, and a freestyle competition. The plan right now is for the DH race to be run on Saturday (with time to also allow non-racers time to ride the course), and the freeride/slide jam and freestyle events be held on Sunday. Unlike the last few years the DH course and slide jam will be on separate hills, meaning we’ll have the gnarliest runs for both days guaranteed Already Mike has been calling for kickers, ramps, and other features to help make the freeride portion even more exciting, especially with ramp champ Brian Bishop in attendance every year.

Mike is also looking to line up a videographer to take some video footage to create an in-house edit of the event. While we’ll be there along with Push Culture, Mike is looking to have an independent video source to help out. If you’ve got the gear and the know-how make sure you hit him up and let him know if you’d be interested in helping out. Hit him up at if you can help with either the ramp or video situation.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more, for now you can look back on our coverage from the last two Central MA events and wait in eager anticipation for what will most likely be a wet and wild day. Mike is planning to meet with some town officials to solidify all the details, but we know that without a doubt it’ll be bigger and better than years past and cannot wait till August!


NSA Do July 4th Right

Our friends over at the Northern Skate Alliance did what they do best on Monday, taking full advantage of the holiday and finding some epic new skate spots. Along the way they stopped and took some new video, embedded below. The quick edit shows you how quickly the guys are progressing, especially Ryan Howard who you can see throwing down at least one 360 and some very nice looking standup slides. Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay also throw down some impressive slides and 180s.

The Administration of the NSA are pushing onto the next level. I can’t wait to see what they have coming as the season progresses!

Freeriding The Fourth from some dude on Vimeo.

Video: Longboarding in Boston — Happy July 4th Weekend

It being July 4th weekend I figured I’d go for a patriotic themed video to post. Originally I was looking to post something from Washington D.C. but it appears the D.C. area skaters have been slacking on their YouTube and Vimeo uploads lately, so I went to my backup city: Boston. Brian Bishop shreds the streets of Boston in this clip on his Apex 37 and shows some of his freeriding skills. Enjoy!

Video: Go Skateboarding Day in Harvard, MA

The central MA longboard crew impress once again with a great free ride session that included some huge slides (we’re talking like 60+ feet) and what looked like a fun day of skating. Skaters include Norman Plante, Eric Roth, Stefan Kaiter-Snyder and Mike Girard. Earlier Mike tweeted about Norman and Eric looking for wheel sponsors, and he was right, we definitely see why they’d need ’em. 

Norman and Eric are looking sponsors... especially for wheels. You'll see why!! They deserve it
Mike Girard

Video: Another Mt. Wachusett Video – This Time on a Longboard!

I posted a YouTube video showing just how epic Mt. Wachusett could be if someone had the balls enough to conquer it standing up on a longboard. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone was able to get their GoPro on and hike up, and sure enough, it’s been done. ILoveToRideBoards posted a sweet raw video of him and his friends bombing the freshly paved road. It’s every bit as epic as I thought it’d be.

By the way, does anyone else think the road looks in way worse shape than it did in the video from Memorial Day? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Video: Downhill in Western MA with Mike Girard

Mike Girard, a skater out of Central MA and Loaded/Otang Ambassador, puts the helmet cam on and takes a run in Western MA (we’re assuming in the Springfield area). Unfortunately one of the riders in their crew, Ben Senkowski, took a spill and had to be airlifted to a Springfield hospital but managed to escape with a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and is skating again soon!

Raw Run with Mikey G from Ben DeSnyder on Vimeo.

Mt. Wachusett (MA) Downhill Run

SkateLuger posted a video of him classic luging the freshly paved access road on Mt. Wachusett. Described as “what might be the BEST downhill gravit track in all of New England,” the video shows some tight turns, high speeds, and a high quality pave making for a smooth ride. SkateLuger mentioned that it could use a solid sweeping since there’s still some dirt and sand on the road, making foot-breaking a little more difficult.

If anyone gets a chance to haul their longboard up to Mt. Wachusett you’re sure to find a fast run with plenty of room for huge slides and speed checks around corners. Video below: