Limited Edition Bustin’ Deck to Support Maryhill Festival of Speed

The guys and gals at Bustin’ Boards in NYC do a lot to support the longboarding scene and have helped foster the steady growth we’ve seen in the sport. From constantly sending out prize packages for contests up and down the east coast (and country), to putting up big prize money at races, it’s clear that they’re committed to giving back. This time they’re using their unique resources to support one of longboarding’s most famous events, the Maryhill Festival of Speed.

They teamed up with MFOS’ organizers this year to help make the event even better than it’s been in the past by making 100 limited edition Sportsters with a dope MFOS graphic, and selling them at $150 a pop. Instead of only offering the classic white and blue color scheme you may have seen last year, Bustin’ is letting you use their customizer to pick your own base and graphic colors to make your limited edition deck a one of a kind.┬áThe proceeds from the sales will go directly to the MFOS and will help to make what is already a legendary event even better. Get more details and check it out over on the Bustin’ website.


I think it’s a pretty cool idea and will hopefully prove to be an effective way to help fund events in the future, so rock on Bustin’. Now if only we could find a way out to the event…