Video: Yokecrew Spring Training

Yokecrew Spring Training

Now that the snow has cleared across much of the east coast it’s time to start seeing some edits again. Some of our boys from the Yokecrew in Maryland — John Kruetter, Ed Garner and Jacob Roberts — got together recently and filmed the first edit of this season. It’s a very smooth video, as usual, with Spencer Flaherty doing the videography and editing.

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Ed Garner Yokesgiving Raw Run

Ed Garner Yokesgiving

Wooooo baby Yokesgiving is back again this year and starting it off right is a raw run featuring the man himself, Ed Garner.  Hailing from Maryland Ed keeps it real, shredding for Volante, Rayne, and The Pucks (there might be more but you get the idea) and making a name for himself all over the map. He rages this run while managing to keep it fun and steezy, even throwing a driveway thrash in. Make sure you take note of how sandy that road is already…winter really is here on the east coast. 🙁

Keep an eye out for the first full episode from Yokesgiving 2013 when it drops soon.

Video: Yoke Crew and Creamer

Garrett Creamer traveled to the Mid-Atlantic to hook up with the Yoke Crew homies and go fast in Maryland. Fortunately for us they kept their cameras nearby and decided to pump out a little edit of their downhill adventures, dubbing it Yoke Crew: Downhill Division, you’ll quickly understand why.

Take a look and watch these fools shred some tasty mountain runs.

Fresh Wheel Co. x Skate The East Danger Wheels Give Away!

It’s been a little while since our last full fledged give away, so we teamed up with a new east coast wheel company out of Maryland, Fresh Wheel Co., to give everyone a chance to win a new set of wheels or a Skate The East t-shirt. The guys over at Fresh have been hard at work developing their new wheels over the past few months so we’re stoked to be able to team up with them and give a set of their Danger downhill/freeride wheels to one lucky winner. They’re 72mm 80a wheels that were developed with east coast gnarliness in mind, a perfect piece of gear to start the summer off right.  Another lucky person will walk away looking fresher than before in a Skate The East t-shirt with some stickers to swag your board out, too. Make sure to read on for all the details on how to enter!


The contest is going to go down a little different than the last few we’ve done, forcing you to get off the computer and get out onto some hills if you want to win! To enter:

  1. “Like” both Skate The East and Fresh Wheel Co. on Facebook
  2. Share the contest photo with your friends
  3. Post an original photo of you or a friend shredding on the Fresh Wheel Co. Facebook Page’s wall
  4. Tag both Fresh Wheel Co. and Skate The East in the photo.

From here we’ll choose the top 10 photos to move onto the next round and let you guys decide who wins by voting on which photo you like best. All photos must be submitted by June 5th (that’s a week from today) in order for you to be entered! Make sure you’re a fan of both pages by then as well, otherwise your photo will be disqualified. If you have questions hit us up by leaving a comment below, via e-mail (mike [at] skate the or on our Facebook Page.

Happy skating and good luck! We’re amped to see what people come up with!

Video: Ed Garner Gets Raw

Ed Garner, who we’ve posted a few times before, set his car cam up and got down on a mountain run, presumably somewhere out in PA where he’s currently attending college. Ed is an all around east coast ripper who has been ripping it in Maryland/Washington D.C. and steadily making a name for himself up and down the coast. Make sure you remember where you started seeing him first, because this kid is bound to be real big real soon!

– Mike


New Video and Interview with John Kreutter

If you haven’t heard of this 14 year old from Maryland yet then stop whatever you’re doing and turn your hearing aids up because this kid means business and is here to stick around. Not only does the kid SHRED on both hard and soft wheels but he also helped organize one of the best events last summer: the Baltimore Slide Jam. He also co-founded which focuses on the longboarding scene in (you guessed it) Maryland. I got to ask John a few questions a couple weeks ago about his riding preferences, this summer’s Baltimore Slide Jam and where he derives some of his magical skating powers from. Read on for all that and more and peep his steezy new techslide video.

Skate The East: What’s your name, where are you from, how old are you, and how long have you been skating for?
John Kreutter: My name is John Kreutter, I am 14 years old, and I’ve been skating for about 4-5 years now.

STE: What setup(s) are you currently skating?
JK: Currently I’m riding the Landyachtz x Muir 12 two 5 with Bear trucks and Hawgz wheels for freeride/DH. For Park and Tech Slide i’m riding the smallest version of the “loco” which is a new tech slide board we have coming out in the 2012 Landyachtz line-up.

STE: How long has Skate Maryland been around? How’d you get the idea?
JK: Spencer Flaherty and I came up with the idea for the site about a year and a half ago. We thought it up after realizing we want wanted to get more involved in the local scene, and we figured it might be a way to find some skaters close by. Then we came up with a bunch of other ideas, and it went from there.

One of my biggest goals is to remember to update the site, everyone in a while. (We got pretty lazy for a few months there… NOW WE ARE BACK!)To gain some more site traffic, and to make videos much more frequently to post on the site.

STE: Tell a bit more about your relationship with Landyatchz, how’d you link up with them and how long have you been skating for them?
JK: I hooked up with Landyachtz early summer 2011. I decided I wanted to look for a board/wheel sponsor. At first I was checking out some smaller companies, and I just figured Landyachtz would be out of question at the time so I didn’t even consider them. I eventually realized that I’ve been riding like all Landyachtz gear and I love all of their products. So, I shot a little video and said go big or go home haha. Next thing you know I was on the team.

STE: How do you see longboarding progressing in the Mid-Atlantic? Is there already a strong scene, or is it just getting off the ground?
JK: The Mid-Atlantic area has a pretty strong scene now. Earlier on it was ok, but not too big. Now, it is pretty big and there are longboarders everywhere. Now I’ll be coming home from school and see kids with Nine Two Fives in their hands walking out of the school. There is at least one event every month, and big sessions going down every weekend. The longboarding scene is definitely progressing in a good direction, except THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TECH SLIDERS!

STE: Last year’s Baltimore Slide Jam was off the hook from what I heard from skaters and saw in videos and photos. What do you have in store for this year? Any big surprises you’re willing to share?
JK: We are still in the early planning process for this year, but we are looking toward doing it in early June. I can tell you two things. It’s going to be extremely fun, and on a closed road. Oh, and let’s just say we might have a Brazilian in town to judge.

STE: Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming competition season? Any events you’d like to podium at?
JK: For this upcoming season I’m hoping to get out to as many events as I can. I’ll most definitely be at all of the local ones, and It looks like I’m going to California in May for the 2012 Muir Skate Downhill Disco. I hope to make it out to Canada sometime this summer for Giants Head and The Danger Bay Slide Comp. We’ll see how it goes…

STE: We can see from your videos that you’re ultra-steezy on both hard and soft wheels, do you have a preference?
JK: I don’t really have a preference, it’s normally what ever I’m feeling at the moment haha. I bring both my tech slide board and my soft wheel board to every session. I like to switch it up, and skate everything. If I’m bored of the local hills for a little bit, I’ll go to the skate park. If I get bored of that stuff I’ll skate some trails. It’s not worth it to limit yourself, It’s fun to skate everything and you guys should too!

STE: How much of your power is derived from Maryland crab-cake consumption?

2nd Rock Creek Picnic & CaliFlorida Grom Race – 2/26

In addition to this being the 2nd Rock Creek Picnic of the year CaliFlorida is getting behind it and helping Marc to organize a Grom Race for riders 16 and under, a concept that I’m stoked to hear about and wish was a bit closer to home. It’s all going down on February 26th and is starting at 11:00AM for those young groms that want to race and should be open to riding for everyone by 1:00PM.

The idea is to allow younger riders to get a taste of organized downhill racing before the season starts on a safe but fun hill with other riders that also have little to no race experience. There’s a $5 buy in for each rider who wants to race which will be split between the top 4 riders of the day in addition to some swag that CaliFlorida has donated, making me wish I were under 16 again.

For those racing 11:00AM is the time to be at Sherril Drive in Rock Creek Park for registration, if you’re not on time you’re not racing so make sure to give yourself a little extra time! After registration there will be enough time for a couple of warm-up/practice runs with heats to follow immediately after. Heats will be normal 4 man heats with the top two racers advancing to the next round. Of course a helmet and gloves are required to race, did you expect otherwise?

The idea is to have the entire race over with by 1:00PM so the normal Picnic and Grab-a-Grom can start. While I’m not exactly sure what Grab-a-Grom we’ll soon find out…For those over 16 come out and support the younger, less experienced riders while they learn the ropes of racing and get ready to skate as usual around 1:00. Over 50 people have already responded to the Facebook Event and I’m sure will gain more attention as the event draws closer.

Sounds like this’ll be another super fun time at Rock Creek Park and a great opener to the race season. For those of you that didn’t get to make it out to the season opener check out the video below — looks like it was a super fun time!

Rock Creek Picnics Making a Comeback in D.C. — 1/28

Washington, D.C. riders listen up, Marc Ondrejko is bringing back the Rock Creek Picnics for 2012, and picking up where former organizer, Buono, left off. The idea seems pretty simple, a gathering of like minded skateboarders for afternoon sessions of shredding, spreading stoke, and making new friends. No prizes, formal competition, or anything fancy, just some good old fun get togethers with area skaters.

The event on Facebook says to “leave the alcohol, drugs, and bad attitudes at home,” and to come stoked, sounds like a good time for everyone!If you’re in or around D.C. it sounds like something to hit up for sure! By the looks of it there will be plenty more, especially as the weather gets nicer, so if you can’t make this one keep your eyes peeled for the future.

Meetup is on Sherril Drive in Washington, D.C. (which I’m assuming is also Rock Creek Park but I’m not from the area) at 12:00 noon and should run until at least 4:00PM, or whenever daylight goes away and people can’t skate anymore. For more information hit up the Facebook event which already has a fair amount of people saying their going and a few more listed as maybe.

Southern Maryland Outlaw Slide Jam — Saturday (11/5)

I didn’t realize it before, but the Mid-Atlantic is going hard this weekend. Not only is the Sketch Skateboards Costume Jam going down in Chesapeake, VA but the Southern Maryland Slide Jam is also going to be in full effect.

The event will be taking place in Leondartown, MD in St. Mary’s County. The top of the hill is at the Circuit Courthouse , 41605 Courthouse Drive in Leonardtown, MD. Instead of parking at the top of the hill, drive all the way to the bottom and park Leonardtown Warf Public Parking Lot to avoid any tickets/tows, etc.  In the event that the original hill is blown up by police the backup hill has been set as Abells Warf Road. Since it’s an outlaw event there’s always concern with it being blow up — fortunately organizers have a backup hill within 5-10 mins of the first spot so if it comes to it the change of locations should be pretty smooth. Bathrooms and water will be within a 10-15 min trip so you don’t need to stock up with too much water or worry about finding a restroom.

Registration will start at 11:00am, there is a $5 entry fee per skater and the event is scheduled to kick off at around 12:00 noon. With over 100 guests confirmed on Facebook registration will likely take a little while, so you might even want to get there a little before 11:00am to be on the safe side (organizer Billy Jackle said in a Facebook Message that he’ll be there as early as 10:30). Organizers are asking people who end up getting to the spot a little early to refrain from skating it until the event actually starts. This should help keep things under control and allow the competition to run uninterrupted by police. Obviously helmet and gloves are required to skate.

The day will be comprised of at least two and possibly three different events: freeride slide jam, a double slalom race (old school 70’s style), and a downhill race (this is the iffy event and sounds like it’ll only happen if there is time to fill). Organizers said they might also do an impromptu hippie jump competition and flatland competitions if there’s demand for it, but it’s up in the air right now. Both hard and soft wheels are welcome at the event and will skate together at the slide jam, however they’ll be judged in separate categories.

Once the riding is over the plan is to push over to the local concrete skate park for some fun shredding (it’s longboard friendly) and the podium presentations. As always, since it’s an outlaw race the organizers made a special plea asking everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves at the event. If we respect spots, people at the spots should respect us. If you have any questions contact event organizer Billy Jackle at 240 237 0450.

If you end up at the event and have pictures or video send them my way for the wrap-up post! mike [at]