Videos: Saturday Wake Up Calls with Roth and Burkus

Let’s talk rad new videos shall we? Friends of the site Eric Roth and Nick Burkus have both released two new absolute STEAMERS over the last day or so and I just can’t sit here and not share them with you.

First up Tom Leary, Norman Plante, and Nick Burkus all get together to shred Team Mids’ home turf in Massachusetts and ended up with one of the most badass videos I’ve seen this summer. It’s tons of fun and shows a lot of progression from all three of these guys. Burkus had my favorite part in the video (not just because he gave our I REP THE EAST stickers a huge shout out) so make sure you keep your eyes glued from around 2:20 on.

Next we have Eric Roth’s new video for Nelson/FoeJo where he decides to demolish anything anyone has ever done on a Stingray KT and make most people feel generally inferior about their ability to ride one. Roth takes his nasty gnar style to the next level and shows how versatile and fun that Stingray KT actually is. Rich Nelson came in heavy with the film and edit on this one with some next level boom shots that add that “next level gamechanger” (as Eric would say) feel to the video.

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Nelson to Accept STINGRAY Orders Starting at 8PM

The day that many people have been waiting for is finally here: starting at 8:00PM EST tonight Nelson Longboards will start taking pre-orders for their new flagship board that has had people drooling for months, the Stingray. Complete with a sexy wood/minimalist graphic the completed board looks like it’ll stay true to expectations and turn heads both for pure sexiness as well as functionality. It’s going to be available in two flavors: with and without a kicktail (which, from what I’ve been able to tell, you want). I’ve had a chance to ride Lauren’s prototype Stingray a couple of times and it’s got a unique feel unlike anything else you’ve ridden currently on the market and will be a great competitor to Landyachtz’s new stiff offering with a kicktail, the Peacemaker.

Head on over to Nelson Longboard’s website to get more information about the boards and pre-order yours so you can be sure to get them the second they hit the streets.