Matt Jack’n Bailey

AGP: Matt Jack'N Bailey

Because sometimes I’m too lazy to not make my own title and Matt Jack’n Bailey is ill in and of itself. Once again the boys down south from AGP Downhill provide some gnarly skating for your viewing pleasure. This winter has been long and snow filled up north, so we appreciate our friends like AGP Downhill keeping our eyes off the ski slopes and onto the asphalt as the weather starts to warm up and roads dry off.

Check it out and leave us a comment below.

Eric Fahrenthold Wild Monkey Status


Check out Wild Monkey Racing team rider Eric Fahrenthold as he shreds a gnarly run down in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Originally from just a hop up the road from Connor in New Jersey (aka ‘The Dirty Jers’), Eric has been going to school down in North Carolina where he’s able to shred some of the gnarliest runs out east.

Wild Monkey Racing is an east coast brand producing some dope speedboards. Check out their Facebook page for more info and learn more about some of their decks.

Image: Screenshot from Vimeo

Jared Henry in Asheville

Jared Henry in Asheville

Comet Team Rider Jared Henry just dropped a new edit of him shredding in his new home of Asheville, NC. Check out his dope style mixing it up between city and the mountains. Jared has been big on the come-up since making a name for himself at the Ithaca Hill Jam this spring and is absolutely killing the scene like nobody’s business so expect a lot more gnar in the future.

Also take a second and check out his interview with Thane Magazine.

AGP Downhill + Sextagonocopter

AGP Downhill

Some of the AGP Downhill homies — Matt Deitch, Jack Traynor and Jared Henry — somehow got their hands on a “sextagonocopter” for this Metro Wheel Co. edit and the results were gnarly.

Check it out as they make their way down some of the best terrain on the right side of the country. Check them out on Facebook if you get a chance.


East Coast Mac Sighting

For those of you not too familiar, East Coast Mac is the man that’s usually behind the lens when it comes to Team Mids videos. Mac is a humble yet gnarly dude and is a grade A chiller through and through; to top it off he ends up getting some of the most killer shots of fast east coast downhill skateboarding.

Recently Mac hit me up and showed me this video from when the Team Mids boys loaded up the Mids Van and headed down to North Cacka-lacka. Being one that likes to stay behind the camera more than in front of it myself, I was immediately stoked when I watched this video. This is one of the east’s gnarliest hills on the east coast, showing that Mac can definitely hold his own. This time, Jack Traynor and Matt Deitch get behind the lens instead of in front of it to film East Coast Mac as he charges this classic in style.

Watch for his game of peek-a-boo in the second to last right hand corner.

2013 Greensboro Slide Jam — 5/25


The 2013 Greensboro Slide Jam is going down on April 6th May 25th in Greensboro, North Carolina. The jam is scheduled to start at 10:00AM with registration followed by warm-ups at 10:30AM and the actual competition starting at 11:00AM, we’ll post the whole schedule below. It’s a sanctioned event on a closed road, which means you should be guaranteed to get some good runs in without having to worry about the heat shutting the event down. There’s a $10 fee to register, gloves and a helmet are mandatory. As usual, the organizers say no drinking, chiefing cheeba, or littering.

In addition to just the usual podium, there’s going to be an award for biggest slide and biggest switch slide as long as a raffle at the end. As of this post there are 90 people RSVP’ed as “Going” on Facebook, with that number likely to grow as the date draws near. If you go send some pictures and a quick write up so we can post about it!

According to the Facebook Event, the schedule is as follows:

10:30 Warm up
11:00 Grom Slide
12:00 Open Slide
12:30 Free Skate/Lunch
1:15 Top 10 Grom Finals
1:45 Top 10 Open Finals
2:15 Biggest Slide
2:45 Biggest Switch
3:15 Prizes/Raffle


Yeah. This is some pure east coast downhill skateboarding. These dudes fucking kill it, check them out on their Facebook —
and on their Youtube —

This video has got some burly fast skating in it and definitely worth the watch. Make sure to watch till the end for some gnarly night bombing down a ridiculously fast road.@1:17 Fuck the police haha!


P.S. Go fast and throw a hand down once in a while. Your slow ass stand up slides are lame.