Video: Northern Skate Alliance take you “Over The Boarder”

Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay, two of the Northern Skate Alliance administrators hop the boarder into New York to shred some very fast, very smooth looking hills. These guys are hitting speeds of over 50 miles per hour and making it look too easy. Highlights include what looks to be a fairly high-speed one legged tuck at around 0:12 and the hairpin at 2:05.

Over The Boarder from some dude on Vimeo.

NSA Do July 4th Right

Our friends over at the Northern Skate Alliance did what they do best on Monday, taking full advantage of the holiday and finding some epic new skate spots. Along the way they stopped and took some new video, embedded below. The quick edit shows you how quickly the guys are progressing, especially Ryan Howard who you can see throwing down at least one 360 and some very nice looking standup slides. Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay also throw down some impressive slides and 180s.

The Administration of the NSA are pushing onto the next level. I can’t wait to see what they have coming as the season progresses!

Freeriding The Fourth from some dude on Vimeo.

Video: NSA Shreds on Memorial Day

The Northern Skate Alliance, a crew made up of New England skaters looking to promote the wonders and people of the area, has been posting some of the gnarliest downhill videos I’ve seen in a while. These guys go fast, really fast, and down some very nice and scenic back-country roads (which also look pretty low traffic, which is nice). Expect to seem them pretty often on the site, they’re a great example of the kind of stoke we’re trying to help spread.

This video is of a session in Connecticut on Memorial Day Weekend (May 31st).

Memorial Day Downhill 2011 from some dude on Vimeo.