Soldiers of Downhill 2013

The registration for Soldiers of Downhill 2013 is officially open! This is one of the fastest and gnarliest races in the country, so it’s not for the faint of heart to say the least.  To register head over to the Ohio Downhill Skate registration page and follow the instructions. Once we learn more about the actual race weekend schedule, we’ll update this post accordingly. 

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 going down October 12-13!

About Soldiers of Downhill 2013

Back for its 4th year, Soldiers of Downhill 2013 is a downhill race that taking place on October 12-13 in Bainbridge, Ohio. If you’re going to this race, make sure you’re prepared for the gnar, cause this course is one of the most steamy you’ll find east of the Mississippi, if not the entire U.S.

In order to compete your going to need a full body leather suit, a full face helmet, $130US, and some cojones.  Riders under the age of 18 also require a parent to handle liability waivers.  A description of the course is best described by the event organizers, the men over at Ohio Downhill Skate,

“The course starts on a moderate decline, quickly dropping around a long sweeping left. The grade increases to just under 10% accelerating riders into a 90 degree fast, sharp right. You speed up down a 10% straight and set up for the fast chicanes, followed by a less severe set of chicanes. Then it’s a battle of momentum and aerodynamics to the finish of this 1.3 mile long course. (top speed for stand-up riders is about 56 mph).”

Contact Info

If for some reason you need to get in contact with an event organizer for further details, they were nice enough to leave contact information on their website:

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 going down October 12-13!Dan Oliver, Event Coordinator
Phone: 330-618-2048

Jamie Reis, Race Coordinator
Phone: 412-848-3381

Sean Graves, Sponsorship Extraordinaire
Phone: 301-758-5321

Check out a raw run of the course below:


Make sure to like Ohio Downhill Skate and check out the official Event Page on Facebook. 

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UPDATED: Guajataka Downhill 6 — Quebradillas, PR 1/20-1/22

You asked for it, so we’re giving it to you — more downhill news and events. Over in the categories you might (or might not) notice that I added two new categories, one under the “Events, Competitions & Group Skates” category relating to Downhill Events and competitions here on the East Coast. The other new category is simply “Downhill.” It will focus on the East Coast downhill scene as a whole, not just events and competitions. Of course we’ll also be adding a category for Freeride, Freestyle, and LDP when articles come about, something we’re really excited about. RSS feeds are available, if you still use them, for both of these new categories in case you really only want to hear about DH on the East Coast! And, as always, if there’s something you’d like to see here on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at mike [at] or comment on our Facebook Page and I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly!

If you’re in the Southeast, especially Florida, in the middle of the month (January) then you’re in the sweetspot for the two biggest downhill competitions in taking place all season. Starting a new year of downhill off right will be the always exciting King of Clermont race in Clermont, FL on January 14th and 15th, followed quickly by the 6th Guajataka Downhill Race in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico on January 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Both of these races will showcase some unreal East Coast talent and give people a chance to see what the downhill scene is looking like in some far-away places. Guajataka, which has gained quite a name for itself since it’s inception in 2006, already has 100 racers registered and is filling up quickly! I’ve reached out to event organizers to find out what the registration limit is, but I can’t imagine it being much higher than 150 racers which means spots are VERY limited and are likely to fill up quickly as the race looms closer. If you want to enter online you must e-mail to get a race application and waiver, I’m not sure what the entry fee is but they can tell you when you e-mail them.

UPDATE: We got some more details about the race and wanted to share them with you. There are 200 spots for registration total this year which means that at the time this was first posted, around 6 days ago, the race was already half full. Registration is $30 for the Downhill Race Amateur race, $60 for the DH Open Pro race, $80 for the DH + DH Open, and $20 for the Slalom/Slide Jam (WITH LIMITED SPACE!). Rob (one of the event organizers) told me that last year they had 10,000 people show up for the festivities — THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Because it’s the biggest downhill event not only in the Southeast, but in the entire Caribbean as well, it’s not just your average race, but an entire weekend of stoke-filled fun and sun with not only some great longboarding, but also some cool music and get togethers with other skaters.

It all begins on Friday the 20th with an  Event Briefing and Welcome Cocktail followed by a big party being put together by the fine folks at Sector 9, since it’s a thing in the works we’re still waiting to hear more details as to what exactly that will entail and what times the Event Briefing and Welcome Cocktail will begin. We aren’t sure if the course will be open for practice runs earlier in the day, but again, are trying to find out. So far it appears that Friday has the loosest schedule of the weekend since Preliminary Heats start at 9AM on Saturday.

Saturday the 21st begins at 9AM sharp with Preliminary Heats expected to run until about 4:00PM. While those heats are running, starting at around 2PM the Graffiti Contest, Slide Jam, and Slalom Events will begin and run until around 5:00PM, at which point skating for the day will close and the afterparties soon begin…at 8PM the music show will begin (unsure about what or what type of act) and run until around 1AM, although I have a feeling most people skating Sunday will be heading to bed a little earlier than that.

Sunday the 22nd marks what will most likely be the most exciting day of the competitions as the Quarter Finals, Semifinals, and Finals will all be held back to back starting again at 9AM and running till approximately 4PM. Some of the fastest skaters from not only the East Coast, but across the entire country and Caribbean will be going balls to the walls in the first international race of 2012, looking to take home the crown and the second set of DH bragging rights on the East Coast this year.

The sponsor list is of course swag and stoketastic with names such as our friends at Surf-Rodz, Loaded Boards,  Orangatang and Rayne as well as other heavy hitters such as Randall Trucks, Venom Bushings, and Sector 9. For more information you can also check their Facebook Page or e-mail them at

This is an event I really wish I could make, it’s going to be an unreal weekend with not only some of the best skaters in the world, but lots of fun and warmth for everyone. Bustin’ rider and friend of Skate The East Solomon Lang will be making a trip down to the isle to compete, so hopefully we’ll be able to grab some updates from him as the weekend wears on. He’s also looking for a place to stay still, so ladies, let him know ;-). In all seriousness though a bunch of the guys and gals from the Bustin’ Boards Crew including Jeff Vyain are looking for places to stay so if you can accommodate, or know of someone that can get in touch with them and let ’em know!

Also, check out the video from last year’s Guajataka event if you need any more convincing about how sweet it should be:

2011 Broadway Bomb & More — NYC 10/8/11

If you’re even remotely close to the Northeast this is the event that we’ve all been waiting for, the 2011 Broadway Bomb in New York City

on October 8th, 2011. I’m so excited I’m not even sure where to start. The event that saw over 550 skaters last year is expected to draw close to 750 this year. As of this posting there are currently 647 skaters registered and the number is climbing steadily making it a possibility there could be closer to 1,000 skaters total. UPDATE 10/4/11: As of 11:00PM tonight (Tuesday, 10/4) there are officially OVER 1,000 SKATERS REGISTERED FOR THE BROADWAY BOMB! Right now the number stands at 1,046 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down as we get closer to the race. With numbers like that the Broadway Bomb will literally take over the streets of Manhattan for the race — making it an uban longboard paridse. From what the Bustin’ Blog said we’ll skate through 150 traffic lights, 100,000 pedestrians, road blocks, road kill and the good ole police. I guess that’s why the race’s tagline is “YOU COULD DIE!” Both Friday 10/7 and Sunday 10/9 other events are taking place as well as some events right after the race on Saturday.

The 2011 Broadway Bomb Push Race & After parties:

The race is scheduled to go off right at noon (12:00PM) from Riverside Park at 116th and Broadway, the race ends at the bull statue on Wall Street. You can take the 1 train to 116th and get off there. This is *the* push event through the streets of Manhattan. In years past we’ve seen some super fast pushing and some pretty reckless skating through traffic lights and cars. This year there is a no skitching rule to help prevent injury and unwanted negative attention. You can register here for the race. If it’s raining there is a posted rain date for  October 17th. We’ll keep you updated if there’s question as to whether or not the race is on. 

Immediately after the race is the Bomb Ass BBQ at East River Park in Manhattan. The official start time is 2PM, you can skate over with the pack that will most definitely be headed over there or take the JMZF train to Delancey Street — either way you have to walk over the FDR via the pedestrian path

way to enter the park. It’s under the Williamsburg Bridge alongside the East River. This is going to be a great time and will allow for a lot of people to check out the famous Williamsburg Bridge — one of NYC’s best longboard spots.

If you still haven’t had enough there’s also the Bomb Ass Afterparty going down right next to the Longboard Loft at Lucky Jacks 125 Allan Street. Again it’s the JMZF train to Delancey Street.

Friday & Sunday Extended Bomb Sesssions:

So, in addition to the famous push race there are events to start the weekend off and finish it the right way on Friday night and Sunday afternoon (October 7th & 9th)

On Friday the Friday Night Rip Session is going down in Prospect Park, Brooklyn at 7:00PM. It’s a slide and freeride jam and will be sure to have appearances by some of the Earthwing and Bustin’ riders and will be tons of fun for everyone that shows up.

Sunday, for your post-race and after-party enjoyment you have the Sunday Style Sessions going down at 7AM on Dyckman Street in Manhattan. The Style Session is hosted by Uncle Funky’s Board Shop and requires a $20 registration fee (and very early wake-up).

If you’re looking for something a little later in the afternoon you can check out the Earthwing Technical Slide Jam at 1:00PM at the same location as the Style Session (Dyckman Street). It’s a freeride, hard wheel event. Contact Steve Kong at: for the Earthwing event.

It looks like it’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

Check out the documentary about the history of the Broadway Bomb and see some highlights from the 2009 Bomb:

Push Culture – The Broadway Bomb from Joe Goodman on Vimeo.

Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon & Expo in NYC — July 30th

I’ve been waiting to post this one for a little while, but with July finally here, the prize purse decided, and a sick deal from GroupOn for registration (more on that in a second) it seemed like the perfect time to get this out there. The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon & Expo is going to be big with a lot of riders and a ton of companies coming out to show their new products and talk to skaters. It’s going down on Governors Island and the race will begin promptly at 7:00AM.  The competitions are a “mini-marathon” 2.6 mile race and the main event, the 26.2 mile full marathon. Registration is $35 for the mini-marathon and $100 for the full. If that seems a little steep for you, good news! GroupOn today posted a deal that will get you riding in the mini-marathon for $9 and $39 for the big race.

Each stop in the Adrenalina Marathon series will post a prize purse of $30,000 (yes, you read that correctly) and will be divided amongst the top 5 finishers with the winner taking home $15,000 ($5,000 more than last year), second place taking $5,000, third place $2,500, fourth place taking $1,500 and the fifth place finisher walking away with a cool $1,000. Not too shabby for a fun morning skateboarding on Governors Island.

If you’re looking to participate you’ll need to register with Adrenalina and meet at the docks at  5:30AM for a 6:00AM ferry over to the Island. Like I said, the race is going to begin promptly at 7:00AM so you’ll want to make sure you’re at the docks on time so you don’t miss your chance to skate! The course is 12 laps around Governors Island (map embedded below) which is closed to cars and will be virtually empty, racers will have a 3 hour time limit to finish the marathon otherwise you’re disqualified. As of this posting only 2 people are registered for the mini-marathon and around 60 registered for the main event with big names including Kiefer Dixon poised and ready to go (although it looks like another 12 have bought the mini-marathon GroupOn today).

We’ll post more information as we get it, but the ASM is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and doesn’t sound like it will disappoint anyone.

UPDATE: Adrenalina has posted a full course description which you can find here. They run you through the entire course, turn by turn so you have a better idea of what to expect come Saturday. From what I can tell it doesn’t look like the map has changed all that much from the original one I posted on July 2nd, but it’s worth a look to make sure.

Rayne and Loaded/Orangatang have also been posting some videos from last year’s Adrenalina (the first ever in North America) and recently posted the 3rd in the series, showing the actual race from last year. The video got me AMPED for Saturday, hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

2nd Annual Broadway Mini-Bomb July 16th!

Listen up and get excited, the Concrete Kings will be hosting the 2nd annual Broadway Mini-Bomb on July 16th at 12:00 NOON. If you’ve been itching for another New York City event since the Central Park Race this is definitely right up your alley and will be an awesome follow up and precursor to the July 30th Adrenalina Marathon and Half Marathon (which we’ll be posting about a little later).

If you’re looking for some good ol’ city skating this is the event to be at (well, other than the actual Bomb that is) and shouldn’t be missed. Unlike last year, if you’re not wearing a helmet or if you get caught skittching you’ll be disqualified from taking a stand on the podium so get your pushing legs in shape.

The race route is from 116th & Broadway to 15th & Union Square East (check the poster for a map). Make sure you’re there before noon as the race will start promptly and you don’t wanna miss out. Again: meet at 116th St & Broadway before 12:00 noon.

After the race there will be a BBQ cookout along with a Best Hippie Jump contest and a couple of Sprint Races, so there’ll be some fun for everyone. It sounds like it’ll be an epic day and an exciting race in New York!

Photos and Video from the Clearfield Mustache Derby 3

I found a great Flickr photo set from the Clearfield Mustache Derby in Central, PA last weekend (June 4&5) along with an awesome video. The event looked like it turned out to be a ton of fun. 64 riders raced total and a ton of spectators came out to see the mustaches and their owners fly down the course. The weekend was jam packed with the Central Park Longboard Race and the Baltimore Slide Jam as well, making for a ton of new videos and photos to check out.

Delaware Downhill Series June 18-19

The Delaware Downhill Series is a set of 6 races over 2 days (June 18-19) in Newark and Wilmington, DE, which are located around 20 minutes from each other. Organizers say the runs are about 25-35mp/h and 3 runs require sliding. Day 1 (6/18) will be the first race followed by a slide jam and Day 2 (6/19) will host races 2 and 3. The race is great for anyone who is just learning to race and wants to get comfortable with learning how. The Prize Pot should be pretty sweet as sponsors include Bustin Boards, Bliss Longboards, Original Skateboards, Hogwash and more. The event isn’t for another two weeks so you have some time to prepare and get stoked, looks like it should be a good time.

Dylan Blast-Bliss (one of the event’s organizers) requested this via Facebook Thursday:

for everyone who is 100% sure that they are coming, email me at and let me know which races (and slidejam) you will participate in and if you plan on camping. this will make it easier for me to organize the heats and i also would be able to help people out with camping. Thanks!

Camping is encouraged and is $21 per night and only 15 mins away from both races. An after party will be held at the campsite, so why not? Check out the rates and campsite here.

If you need more info head over to the Facebook Event page.


Clearfield Mustache Derby June 4-5

Can’t make the 2011 Central Park Longboard Race and looking for something else to do this weekend? Don’t worry, the 3rd Annual Clearfield Mustache Derby is taking place this weekend, June 4th and 5th in Clearfield, PA. This event looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun both days and shouldn’t be missed if you can help it. Saturday the 4th will be a slide jam followed by the downhill race on Sunday the 5th. The event looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun and pull in some great sponsors like ABEC 11, Bliss Longboards and Randal Trucks just to name a few. You need a mustache in addition to a helmet and gloves to race so make sure you don’t leave anything at home.

If you have any questions reach out to and get them cleared up before Saturday.