Don’t Shred On Me: Howard and ‘Mell Get Green

Ryan Howard and Jimelle Watford get down with a quarter pipe session at the Green St. Skatepark in Middletown, CT on a beautiful spring day last week. These two keep it fresh and fun constantly, with the perfect mix of stoke and chill. Skate every and anything, just Don’t Shred On Me.

Ryan Howard with the film and edit.

Don’t Shred On Me: Volume 1

Watch as Brian Peck and Ryan Howard take to some snow filled parks in Connecticut as well as some local neighborhood hills for a perfect early spring east coast chiller skate day. The first volume of our “Don’t Shred on Me Series,” it sets the tone for the “skate everything” types of videos and articles you’ll see in this column. The weather was a bit nippy but the vibes were perfect and rays stayed steady enough to keep us going. All in all it was a great testament to what east coast skaters have to fight through to have a great session, and helps us really value those perfect days we long for. Give us a like, share with your friends, and subscribe if you already haven’t!

Video: Independence Day Edit

Officially, this video is probably one of the more epic and badass edits we’ve ever done. Yes, that’s due in part to the fact that we used one of the most epicly American songs ever — Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone” (featured in one of the most American/best movies ever created, “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise) — to create a visual and audio experience that will leave you pumped up and ready to kick some asphalt arse. What else does it contain? American flags and Americans enjoying two of the most enjoyable things in life: tasty weather and a mid-week holiday. If that doesn’t leave you so stoked for this edit, I’m not sure anything will.

Riders are myself (Mike DiPietro), Ryan Howard (of the former Northern Skate Alliance) and Tyler Gallagi. Setups below the video.


  • Mike DiPietro: Bustin EQ on 50* Calibers and Duval Hurricane wheels.
  • Ryan Howard: Ryane Baby Killer on 45* Surf-Rodz RKPs and S9 Raceform “tires” (as Ryan calls them).
  • Tyler Gallagi: Jaiti on 50* Prandalls (Paris Baseplate/Randall Hanger) and 85a Tsunami Rain Skates wheels.