Ithaca Hill Jam – April 27

ithaca jam flyer 2013

When: April 26-28th
Where: Top of Buffalo St. (at Eddy St.) in Ithaca, NY

One of the East Coast’s biggest events is back for 2013! Comet Skateboards is putting on what’s sure to be a rad weekend of skateboarding. In addition to the main event on Saturday the 27th, there will be a fundraiser/bowl session at DIY spot on friday afternoon, and an outlaw race on Sunday. Location on the race will be announced at a later date, however inside sources are telling me this is a pretty burly course at around 45mph with some tight corners. For those who weren’t at the event last year (myself included), this is definitely not one to miss. With the slide jam hill closed off to traffic, the guys at Comet will have plenty of freedom to build gnarly obstacles without any worries about the law interrupting our fun. If ramps aren’t your thing, the slide jam hill is steep enough for everyone to have fun on.

– Jake

Check some of the gnarly videos by Comet and the Skate Invaders of last year’s epic Ithaca Slide Jam.

Toronto Board Meeting 2012

Last Saturday Waaaayyyy back at the beginning of September, nearly 1,200 people gathered in Toronto to attend the tenth annual Board Meeting. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Board Meeting is unlike many of the other mass-rider pushes through major cities because it’s not a race. Unlike the Broadway Bomb, Shoekill, South Beach Bomb and many others, the Board Meeting is a gathering of skaters to celebrate just that: skating. Riders all dress in button-down shirts and ties (usually white) in a tradition that dates back to the first Board Meeting. Originally Board Meeting was meant to not only celebrate skating and the skate culture, but also raise awareness about pushing to work, while also mocking Toronto’s business culture.

Last year’s Board Meeting brought about 900 racers from across Canada and different parts of the world to take place and this year was no different. Despite some whack weather forecasts and morning drizzle skaters came out in numbers to this years Board Meeting to skate together. All in all it ended up being around 1,200 people from what we’ve heard and could tell. Cops were super cool and worked with us to shut streets down, and big names like fellow east coaster Brian “I’m A Street In Toronto” Peck, Patrick Switzer, Mike Girard, and Anthony Flis came in from far while locals like Matt “McLovin” Livingston and John Barnett helped lead the pack and keep things moving.

I’m going to wrap this post up quickly, since I started writing it over a month ago and really just want to have SOME record of Board Meeting 2012 on the site despite the fact that I never fully finished my write-up of it, nor did I get to Slide Fu 2012. That’ll all have to come another day…All in all Board Meeting 2012 was super super fun and was an awesome gathering of skaters from all over. I had an absolute blast and was super super impressed, as well as super jealous, by the scene that Toronto has going on. Shout outs to Loaded’s Cindy Zhou for hosting me for the weekend and the whole Skate Invaders crew for showing us whats up.

Peep the album below that I took on my iPhone for some of the action from the event.