Southern Maryland Outlaw Slide Jam — Saturday (11/5)

I didn’t realize it before, but the Mid-Atlantic is going hard this weekend. Not only is the Sketch Skateboards Costume Jam going down in Chesapeake, VA but the Southern Maryland Slide Jam is also going to be in full effect.

The event will be taking place in Leondartown, MD in St. Mary’s County. The top of the hill is at the Circuit Courthouse , 41605 Courthouse Drive in Leonardtown, MD. Instead of parking at the top of the hill, drive all the way to the bottom and park Leonardtown Warf Public Parking Lot to avoid any tickets/tows, etc.  In the event that the original hill is blown up by police the backup hill has been set as Abells Warf Road. Since it’s an outlaw event there’s always concern with it being blow up — fortunately organizers have a backup hill within 5-10 mins of the first spot so if it comes to it the change of locations should be pretty smooth. Bathrooms and water will be within a 10-15 min trip so you don’t need to stock up with too much water or worry about finding a restroom.

Registration will start at 11:00am, there is a $5 entry fee per skater and the event is scheduled to kick off at around 12:00 noon. With over 100 guests confirmed on Facebook registration will likely take a little while, so you might even want to get there a little before 11:00am to be on the safe side (organizer Billy Jackle said in a Facebook Message that he’ll be there as early as 10:30). Organizers are asking people who end up getting to the spot a little early to refrain from skating it until the event actually starts. This should help keep things under control and allow the competition to run uninterrupted by police. Obviously helmet and gloves are required to skate.

The day will be comprised of at least two and possibly three different events: freeride slide jam, a double slalom race (old school 70’s style), and a downhill race (this is the iffy event and sounds like it’ll only happen if there is time to fill). Organizers said they might also do an impromptu hippie jump competition and flatland competitions if there’s demand for it, but it’s up in the air right now. Both hard and soft wheels are welcome at the event and will skate together at the slide jam, however they’ll be judged in separate categories.

Once the riding is over the plan is to push over to the local concrete skate park for some fun shredding (it’s longboard friendly) and the podium presentations. As always, since it’s an outlaw race the organizers made a special plea asking everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves at the event. If we respect spots, people at the spots should respect us. If you have any questions contact event organizer Billy Jackle at 240 237 0450.

If you end up at the event and have pictures or video send them my way for the wrap-up post! mike [at]