Bethlehem Freeride Competition – 6/21

Bethlehem Freeride Competition

Following the Second Annual Skate for Peace Bethlehem, PA will play host to the Bethlehem Freeride Competition on June 21. After clear success from previously held events, Faceplant Boardriders brings you the 2nd stop on the Mid-Atlantic Freeride Series. With 100% approval from the Bethlehem community, the event will take place at High St. directly in the heart of northern Bethlehem.

Here’s your chance make best of the summer solstice, and go have fun with your homies in a controlled situation!

Check out the event page description:

11am: Practice and WheelRZ Diablos Fire Events. WheelRZ will be giving out Diablos for best Kicker Trick, best Faceplant or fall, and longest slide(heel and toe). We will announce each fire event on the megaphone during practice.

Under 18 division (64 Rider Cap) $20 entry (Hardgood Prizes and automatically entered in Mid Atlantic Freeride Series if you place in top 10 finals)

Noon: 1st Heat Starts-32 riders (25 min)
12:30: 2nd Heat Starts-32 riders (25 min)
We will pick the top 5-10 riders from each heat to battle it out in the finals.

Open division (64 Rider Cap) $25 entry (Cash and schwag Prizes, also automatically entered in Mid Atlantic Freeride Series if you place in top 10 finals)

1pm: 1st Heat Starts-32 riders (30 min)
1:30pm 2nd Heat Starts-32 riders (30 min)
We will pick the top 5-10 riders from each heat to battle it out in the finals.

FINALS: Using the Mid Atlantic Freeride Series Un-Biased Judging System we will have each rider take 2 individual runs with their name announced before the run. Each audience member will have a rubber band to give to who they thought was the best rider in the finals. After the entire division(either Under 18 or Open) has gone the audience will hand out the votes(rubber bands), tally the votes and announce the winners.

2pm: Under 18 Finals. Each rider will get 2 runs with their name announce for Audience Voting
2:45pm: Open Finals. Each rider will get 2 runs with their name announce for Audience Voting

Sound off in the comments section if you’re going to be attending and make sure you subscribe to our e-mail updates below so you’re in the loop if anything changes.

The 2nd Annual Longboard for Life Slide Jam — 6/1

When: June 1st
Where: Woodcrest Drive, North Andover Massachusetts

Tyler Bainbridge’s second annual Longboard for Life event is back for 2013! Tyler and the organizers are hosting the slide jam to raise money for the American Cancer Society. There will be a 10-15 dollar entry fee for all those hoping to compete. Last year the event raised $1500 dollars, and with double the attendees expected this year, the event should raise far more.

Slide Jam For Life

The event will be completely sanctioned, meaning no cars and no cops to ruin our fun. With a very high level of competition last year, the jam will be split up into a “pro” division for those seasoned riders, and a grom/amateur division for the less experienced. With over 100 competitors expected this year, the different divisions will allow for the newer guys to get all the time they want on the hill while still allowing for some intense, high speed riding to keep the energy high.

The Longboard for Life slide jam is sure to be a rad time. Come out, skate, and support a great cause. You can find out more and RSVP through the Facebook Event.

For more info check this local newspaper article about last year’s jam, as well as the video below:



2013 Greensboro Slide Jam — 5/25


The 2013 Greensboro Slide Jam is going down on April 6th May 25th in Greensboro, North Carolina. The jam is scheduled to start at 10:00AM with registration followed by warm-ups at 10:30AM and the actual competition starting at 11:00AM, we’ll post the whole schedule below. It’s a sanctioned event on a closed road, which means you should be guaranteed to get some good runs in without having to worry about the heat shutting the event down. There’s a $10 fee to register, gloves and a helmet are mandatory. As usual, the organizers say no drinking, chiefing cheeba, or littering.

In addition to just the usual podium, there’s going to be an award for biggest slide and biggest switch slide as long as a raffle at the end. As of this post there are 90 people RSVP’ed as “Going” on Facebook, with that number likely to grow as the date draws near. If you go send some pictures and a quick write up so we can post about it!

According to the Facebook Event, the schedule is as follows:

10:30 Warm up
11:00 Grom Slide
12:00 Open Slide
12:30 Free Skate/Lunch
1:15 Top 10 Grom Finals
1:45 Top 10 Open Finals
2:15 Biggest Slide
2:45 Biggest Switch
3:15 Prizes/Raffle

Darien Slide Jam 3 (Cinco de Mayo Jam)

When: Sunday May 5th
Where: Peach Hill Road, Darien CT

The Darien Slide Jam is back! With two successful events under his belt, Dan Berkowitz is organizing what’s sure to be his biggest one yet. The jam is not sanctioned, however the handful of neighbors have agreed, for the third time, to let the event go on without any trouble from them. After two smooth running events, it’s a pretty safe bet. The hill itself is a steepish straight, just fast enough for everyone to have fun on. If we can get a few features, a kicker or two, and possibly a banshee bungee, everyone should be able to throw down and get rad.


At the last event, Dan and the judges took a more informal approach, giving awards to the podium such as “the tickle prize” and “the based god award” and taking a group photo instead of a podium shot. This year, the organizers want to further this fun environment, judging riders on skill, but also giving out plenty of swag to the riders having the best time, wearing the best mexican costume etc etc. If some riders who didn’t rip as hard as you get more prizes, deal with it. It’s skateboarding, and it’s supposed to be fun.

The last jam was cold and rainy but the event was still awesome! Those who kept skating through the rain all ripped, and those who felt like lurking still had fun (especially you lily) putting and, well, lurking. Everyone who showed up left with smile on their face and (I believe) some prizes. With more sponsors, more riders, and more features than last year, we have to assume that this one will be even more rad!

Here’s the video from last years event:

Washington D.C./Metro Area Season Kickoff Slide Jam — 3/24

Fresh off our interview and video with John Kruetter (who literally took the interwebs by storm this past week) I figured it’s the perfect time to make sure everyone knows about the Washington D.C./Metro Area Season Kickoff Slide Jam (talk about a long title) going down on March 24th. They just recently announced the location as Spring of Freedom Lane, NW in Washington, D.C. (the Czech Embassy is at the top of the hill). While I don’t know much about D.C. I have a feeling that with Billy “Daisy Cutter” Jackle as one of the organizers people won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah, and they’ll have a kicker to hit!

The event looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and a really laid back atmosphere with a lot of chances to win some great prizes. It’ll be a true jam in the sense that everyone will skate their face off and judges will ask for names as they see necessary. The sponsor list is absolutely MASSIVE (23 so far) and could end up being one of the best chances you have to win gear this season. Seriously — there’s that much gear it looks like they’ll be giving away.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that the Landyachtz crew will be in attendance to help assist with not only judging but shredding as well. You’ve undoubtedly seen their YouTube videos and know that when Landy comes to town it’s not something you wanna miss. Speaking of which, if you don’t catch them at this jam you’ll have a several other chances to catch them as they tour the East Coast this spring!

Everything is going to get going at around 10:30am with open skate lasting until 2:30PM. From 2:30PM-3:00PM there’ll be a finals round with a select number of skaters (although they haven’t said how many will move on) followed by awards/give-aways. So far 230 people have RSVP’ed as “Going” on Facebook, while not everyone will go there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the event and I have a feeling we’ll see a very large turnout. Lots of people are coming in from far away, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see 100 or more people on the hill.

There are some rules that the organizers have asked everyone to be super vigilant about, mostly relating to respecting the Czech Embassy so they’ll let more events be hosted there in the future.

1. you must dispose of all trash properly. The embassy has been kind enough to let us use the hill, but we CANNOT LEAVE TRASH I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. WE CANNOT MESS THIS UP FOR THE OTHER EVENTS THAT ARE BEING HELD HERE!
2. spectators will need to be in the middle and bottom areas of the hill. not at the top. the embassador’s driveway is up there and we cannot block it, and NO SKATING ON THE STEEP AREA OF GRASS NEXT TO THE EMBASSY.
3. find parking elsewhere, not on the jam hill, this will ruin the skating
4. dont arrive before 10:00 A.M.
5. Helmets and gloves required to skate in this event

Check the Facebook Event for any specific questions and for updates.


Pennsylvania President’s Day Slide Jam — 2/19/12

Despite the groundhog telling us there’s another 6 weeks of winter on the way we’re still seeing a ton of events being lined up for the immediate future — looks like the season is definitely under way! We’ve already seen a few downhill events go down in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Maryland and it’s looking like the slide jams are starting back up too. If you’re itching to get some slide jam competition in right away and you’re in the Tri-State/PA area then you’re in luck with the President’s Day Slide Jam that’s just 10 days away.

What better way to spend President’s Day weekend than shredding some thane? Starting at 12:00 noon the event is going down at Core Creek Park in Langhorne, PA — right on the PA/NJ line, making it a pretty accessible spot for a ton of shredders. As of right now 86 people on Facebook have said their going with another 59 saying that they might go, making this a pretty good sized event for so early in the season.

Loaded/Orangatang and Phat DeanZ were amongst the first to support the event with others such as Original, Tutone, Caliber Trucks, Nelson Longboards, and Volante Wheels meaning lots of prizes for hard skating. While it’s an outlaw event the organizer, Kyle Mac, promises plenty of backup roads very close by so no matter the location, a slide jam will be going down.

If you’ve got more questions head over to the Facebook Event page or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

New Year’s Eve Slide Jam — Niceville, FL

While it continues to get colder throughout most of the East (although this past week has had some unseasonably warm days which we’re stoked about) Florida continues to hold down the competition scene, making good use of their nearly perfect year-round weather. With most of the attention focusing in on the King of Clermont race coming up in January, the New Year’s Eve Slide Jam ,which is going down in Niceville (about 2.5 hours west of Tallahassee and 1hr 15mins from Pensacola), has flown under the radar a bit.

The jam itself will start at around 12:00 noon and will run till around 4 or 4:30PM. People will be meeting up on Mansfield Street in Niceville, so make sure you show up a little early to get a good idea of where everyone is and make sure you’re registered, which brings us to our next point. The registration cost is at least 2 cans of non-perishable food to be donated to the local Sharing and Caring program to help feed those less fortunate. Many times donations like this cease or slow once Christmas and Hanukah are over, so we’re pumped to see the longboard scene continue to give back to the community as a whole, spreading the stoke in a completely different fashion, right on!

Prizes are going to the top 3 hard and soft wheel riders as well as prizes for best trick and longest slide. They’re also offering up a special prize for whoever beings the most cans of food, and judging by the sponsor list I’m betting it’ll be something very sweet. Our friends at Organgatang Wheels and Sketch Skateboards have signed on as sponsors in addition to others such as Randall Trucks, Original Skateboards, and Edge Boardshop, Uncle Funky’s and a few more.

Last but not least is the fact that both helmet and gloves are required. While gloveless seems to be a growing trend, make sure you remember to pack ’em or you’ll be sorry come competition time :-/. While gloves can be option so long as you’re skating within your limits, a helmet never should be. It only takes one fall to crack you head open and change your life dramatically, so strap that lid on!

The competition sounds like it should be a bunch of fun and feature some the Florida panhandle’s best skaters. There’s also going to be some big sessions going down between Christmas and New Years in Pensacola which you should also keep your eye out for. I know at least one northern skater who we’ve posted about here before, Chris O’Brien, is going to make the trek down, so there should be a diverse group of people riding! You can find more information on the Facebook Event or the Pensacola Longboarding group.

Southern Maryland Outlaw Slide Jam — Saturday (11/5)

I didn’t realize it before, but the Mid-Atlantic is going hard this weekend. Not only is the Sketch Skateboards Costume Jam going down in Chesapeake, VA but the Southern Maryland Slide Jam is also going to be in full effect.

The event will be taking place in Leondartown, MD in St. Mary’s County. The top of the hill is at the Circuit Courthouse , 41605 Courthouse Drive in Leonardtown, MD. Instead of parking at the top of the hill, drive all the way to the bottom and park Leonardtown Warf Public Parking Lot to avoid any tickets/tows, etc.  In the event that the original hill is blown up by police the backup hill has been set as Abells Warf Road. Since it’s an outlaw event there’s always concern with it being blow up — fortunately organizers have a backup hill within 5-10 mins of the first spot so if it comes to it the change of locations should be pretty smooth. Bathrooms and water will be within a 10-15 min trip so you don’t need to stock up with too much water or worry about finding a restroom.

Registration will start at 11:00am, there is a $5 entry fee per skater and the event is scheduled to kick off at around 12:00 noon. With over 100 guests confirmed on Facebook registration will likely take a little while, so you might even want to get there a little before 11:00am to be on the safe side (organizer Billy Jackle said in a Facebook Message that he’ll be there as early as 10:30). Organizers are asking people who end up getting to the spot a little early to refrain from skating it until the event actually starts. This should help keep things under control and allow the competition to run uninterrupted by police. Obviously helmet and gloves are required to skate.

The day will be comprised of at least two and possibly three different events: freeride slide jam, a double slalom race (old school 70’s style), and a downhill race (this is the iffy event and sounds like it’ll only happen if there is time to fill). Organizers said they might also do an impromptu hippie jump competition and flatland competitions if there’s demand for it, but it’s up in the air right now. Both hard and soft wheels are welcome at the event and will skate together at the slide jam, however they’ll be judged in separate categories.

Once the riding is over the plan is to push over to the local concrete skate park for some fun shredding (it’s longboard friendly) and the podium presentations. As always, since it’s an outlaw race the organizers made a special plea asking everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves at the event. If we respect spots, people at the spots should respect us. If you have any questions contact event organizer Billy Jackle at 240 237 0450.

If you end up at the event and have pictures or video send them my way for the wrap-up post! mike [at]

Ham-Jam 2011 — Steptember 3rd in Hamden, CT

Southern New England get ready for the second annual Ham-Jam going down on Perry Road in Hamden, CT at 11:00AM on September 3rd. This event is going to be a great way to close the summer, the hill is rated at a 12% grade and is wide with buttery pavement making it perfect for sliding according to one of the event organizers, Will Strauss. He said last year the event was organized rather quickly and went better than expected with 20-25 skaters showing up and having a great time. This year they’re hoping to grow the event even more and have a whole slew of sponsors on board including some big names like Loaded, Seismic, Original Skateboards, Randall Trucks, Daddies Board Shop, our friends at Surf-Rodz and more, so some sweet prizes are sure to be had. The event should turn out to be a lot of fun and will probably feature a lot of the same skaters that will be out at the Central MA Competition a couple weekends before.

As always, helmet and gloves are required. Check out the Facebook Page for more information and updates.

Vermont Skateboards ‘Crete Bash and Campout — This Friday & Saturday

What better way to start your July 4th weekend than with a trip to Vermont? Lucky for you Vermont Skateboards is hosting their ‘Crete Bash and Campout this Friday and Saturday, July 1st & 2nd. The event will go down in Bondville, VT at the Mountain School’s Bondville Bowl and will start at 12:00PM. There is an after party right down the road in Windhall, VT that will include live music and an all you can eat BBQ by Outback Steakhouse, it’s $10 for just the music and $20 for music and the food. The after party will begin at 9:30PM, giving you some time to clean up and relax after the full day of skating.

I talked to one of the event organizers who assured me that in addition to the big bowl there is some smaller terrain and a great sliding hill located at nearby Ball Mountain Dam down the road in Windham.

Camping will also be in Windhall, very close to the Outback. As of right now there’s no charge but it’s subject to change (could be around a $5 fee) and requires you to bring all your own gear. Saturday will be another full day of ripping the bowl in Bondville and shredding the hill in Windham.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a contest, although there will be prizes awarded to people throwing down and shredding. A helmet is required to skate, too.

As of right now I think I’ll be there Friday afternoon with a camera in hand. Give me a shout if you’re planning on showing up.

Below is a quick overview of what the 2 days will look like:


***Day One***
– Skating at the Bondville Bowl all day long, ending around sundown
– Photographers and filmers will be present both from Vermont Skateboards and other
– Other skate spots are in the direct vicinity including the indoor Stratton Ramp
– THIS ISN’T A CONTEST, we hate contest runs and we hate having to judge, product will be tossed to people who are throwing down, that simple.
– Bring a helmet, police station ain’t too far away, not our call.

– Kicking off around 9:30pm Live bands will start at 9:30
– BANDS: Spit Jack, Mr. Infamy, Mad Havok, L-ement
– Age is 18+ for the show, 21+ to drink, respect the Outback and their rules, they are hooking it up for everyone!

– Bring your own tent, details for camping are in the works. We are doing our best to keep the camping free, but don’t throw a fit if there is a $5 tent charge from the campgrounds, we are trying to make that not happen.

***Day Two***
– Same shit as day one, punks! Rip the bowl, land that trick on the oververt that you couldn’t get the first day
– Photogs will still be present to get a nice shot of your swellbows
– Skating till the skating dies, pack up n head home afterwards!

You can also find more info by checking the Facebook Event Page.