Soldiers of Downhill Finals with Max Wippermann

Soldiers of Downhill Raw Run

One of the gnarliest races in the country, Soldiers of Downhill, went down this past weekend deep in the mountains of Bainbridge, Ohio. The race is known for being absurdly fast and unforgiving on good old janky, winter beaten, east coast pavement.

Since most people don’t get to experience this course first-hand, we’re stoked that Max Wippermann strapped his GoPro onboard for the finals, so we can see how the course is meant to be raced by some of the fastest downhillers in the country. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Max rides for Landyachtz and Motion Boardshop. Originally from Washington state, he currently calls the east coast home while he studies in upstate New York.

Max gives a perfect view for the Soldiers of Downhill finals, as he took home 2nd place behind George Mackenzie, fending off Matt Kienzle (3rd) and Louis Pilloni (4th) through the fast, and draftable, straights and sweepers.

Check it out as Max, Louis Pilloni, Matt Kienzle and George Mackenzie battle it out on this east coast classic. Pay special attention to the way G-Mac RAGES the last part, staying in full tuck through the 55 mph+ chicane. DAMN SON!

Soldiers of Downhill 2013

The registration for Soldiers of Downhill 2013 is officially open! This is one of the fastest and gnarliest races in the country, so it’s not for the faint of heart to say the least.  To register head over to the Ohio Downhill Skate registration page and follow the instructions. Once we learn more about the actual race weekend schedule, we’ll update this post accordingly. 

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 going down October 12-13!

About Soldiers of Downhill 2013

Back for its 4th year, Soldiers of Downhill 2013 is a downhill race that taking place on October 12-13 in Bainbridge, Ohio. If you’re going to this race, make sure you’re prepared for the gnar, cause this course is one of the most steamy you’ll find east of the Mississippi, if not the entire U.S.

In order to compete your going to need a full body leather suit, a full face helmet, $130US, and some cojones.  Riders under the age of 18 also require a parent to handle liability waivers.  A description of the course is best described by the event organizers, the men over at Ohio Downhill Skate,

“The course starts on a moderate decline, quickly dropping around a long sweeping left. The grade increases to just under 10% accelerating riders into a 90 degree fast, sharp right. You speed up down a 10% straight and set up for the fast chicanes, followed by a less severe set of chicanes. Then it’s a battle of momentum and aerodynamics to the finish of this 1.3 mile long course. (top speed for stand-up riders is about 56 mph).”

Contact Info

If for some reason you need to get in contact with an event organizer for further details, they were nice enough to leave contact information on their website:

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 going down October 12-13!Dan Oliver, Event Coordinator
Phone: 330-618-2048

Jamie Reis, Race Coordinator
Phone: 412-848-3381

Sean Graves, Sponsorship Extraordinaire
Phone: 301-758-5321

Check out a raw run of the course below:


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Video: Skatesgiving Does Soldiers of Downhill 2012

While record numbers of people flocked to New York City in October for the Broadway Bomb, another set of shredders headed out to Ohio to take place in one of the fastest races in the country, Soldiers of Downhill. The race course is gnarly and makes for some absolutely epic racing. This year the Skatesgiving 2012 crew made Soldiers part of their trip, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The East Coast’s own, Brian Peck, along with McLovin and Gabe took the the camera, displaying some smoooooth steadicam action and great camera angles; as always, Matt K kills the edit. Give it a peep and let us know what you think in the comments.


In Brief: Soldiers of Downhill 2011

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it out to Soldiers of Downhill, which went down this past weekend in Bainbridge, OH, but I’ve heard some great things and figured I’d share what little information I’ve learned through browsing the web and the guys over at Bustin’ who make the trek out to Ohio and competed in the legendary event. The event apparently went well once the weather cleared up yesterday and allowed the skating to get a lot faster and more competitive. From what I’ve heard, it ended up being a very fun, fast, and competitive day. On their way back to Brooklyn early this morning “King” Salomon Lang from Bustin’ tweeted me saying:

Soldiers of Downhill is prob the craziest thing I have done. And loved it all! @
solomon la

He went on to post that the hill was absolutely insane, causing most to eat either some hay or asphalt. Probably the best quote from his post was how his respect for the downhill scene is growing by leaps and bounds. Pretty cool to see how the NYC push scene is breaking out and starting to dominate in downhill and freeride as well.

“Everyone who tackled this hill is INSANE! My respect for the DH scene increases with each event and my need for speed grows with it. I’m so stoked for next years events! Speed or Cry!” – Solomon Lang

Then Mike Dallas of Bustin’ posted this morning talking a little about Bustin’s performance at the race. Team member Will Royce (who shredded at the Central MA Event) skated hard and earned a spot into the final heat, poised for what looked like a possible spot on the podium, when a nasty crash brought him back to 4th place. Overall it was still a very successful weekend for the Bustin’ Boards crew who also saw team rider Jeff Vyain take 2nd place at Adrenalina Plano, TX on Sunday.

The only results I could find were a quick comment on the Facebook Event that said:

  1. Niko Desmarais
  2. AJ Haiby
  3. Jahcoop
  4. Will Royce

If anyone has official results/people’s full names e-mail me (mike [at] or comment on our Facebook page.

Below is a raw edit from a practice run showing Jester Hill and some of the gnarly pavement at the bottom. You can see how fast some of these runs can get in the video and with a pretty tight course I can only imagine how sweet some of the pack footage will be! I’ll update you guys as I learn more, until then, enjoy.