Team Mids Down Undahhh

Team Mids

The boys from Eastachusetts grabbed the van and headed from one land of accents to another, meeting up with the AGP Downhill boys to skate one of the south’s most gnarly and entertaining runs, both to skate and watch. This video features the Team Mids homies Norm “The” Plante, East Coast Mac, Pete Laugh, and Tom Leary.

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Video: 6 Second Switch

I 100% guarentee you have enough time to take a peek at Tom Leary’s new 6 second steamy switch toeside. DROPPING HAMMERS.

Tom has progressed so much this season it’s absurd. He’s got some of the steeziest swtich toesides out there right now and keeps steaming harder and harder for every edit and session. The belt is coming out on a consistent basis.

Video: Tom Leary Drops The Hammer

Our newest writer and internet video wiz kid Tom Leary dropped a new video a couple of days ago on his personal account called “The Hammer.” Featuring Holliston, MA locals back from college, Eric Roth and Norm Plante, in addition to Tom himself, the video showcases some real fast freeriding and raw as hell runs in the mountains of New England. All three of these guys are getting progressively better every time we see footage of them, this time is no exception. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Skate The East Welcomes Tom Leary

We’ve been working hard on building a team of writers to bring you guys the best content possible surrounding the east coast longboarding scene, and are stoked to announce another awesome addition to the staff, Tom Leary.

Best known for his kickass filming and editing skills, Tom is one of the rising stars in New England and by far one of the gnarliest kids on and off the hill I know. He’s also quickly making a name for himself in front of the camera — riding for Nelson Longboards and Tiger Design Wheel Co. — with some of the smoothest and steezy switch toesides I’ve seen in a minute. He’s got some great insight on where the sport is, and where he thinks it’ll be going, as well as an impecable eye when it comes to videos. Tom will touch base on a variety of topics in his posts and will be a driving force behind some of our coming interviews with east coast riders. We’re hoping we can convince him to chef up a few videos for your viewing pleasure, too.

We’re super stoked to have him on board, help us give him a warm welcome and share the news with your friends with a Like or Tweet!


Video: Sevik Tries Mids

Jon Sevik aka “crazytac0” traveled up to Massachusetts to visit Tom Leary, Finn Pounds and Jon Katz and eat some potato wedges…or something. No matter what the point of the trip actually was, the fact of the matter is he got some dank as hell footy of these guys and did an awesome job chefing up the edit. Keep an eye out the entire video, as Tom drops some of his gnarly toesides while Finn and Jon keep it real all the way through.

There were also more than a few parts where I almost cracked up laughing, especially when you see Finn and Jon for the first time. Make sure to peep it and drop a comment with your thoughts.

Video: Eric Roth does G-Form and Skate The East

I’ve been waiting for this video to drop since Eric and Tom filmed it. Eric slays some fast and gnarly 360’s and the accoutrement is absolutely killer. To top it all off this is one of the best edited videos I’ve seen from Tom, implementing some next level techniques and showcasing the fact that he’s really begun stepping his production levels up.

Also — can you see Eric’s G-Form pads holding him back at all? That’s what we thought. Look for our video review in the near future.


Video: Tom Slays Boston

Once again, I’m here to post a new video from Tom Leary but this time, he’s SLAYING the streets of Boston. The VX1000 fisheye footage combined with Tom’s stylish skateboard maneuvers equates to one super dope edit. Whether he is skating sideways or skating ledges, Tom is ALWAYS doing it right. Watch him get down n’ derty in his new video for Nelson Longboards.


Video: Tom Leary Gets Wide and Meaty with Eric Roth

Tom Leary got some new camera gear for Christmas which means great things for you and I, since his videos are bound to only get better and better. He got together with Eric Roth before the snow decided to ruin our fun for a little and filmed a fun as hell little edit featuring the prototype Nelson Longboards DK. Eric is entertaining as always bringing the heat with his usual steezey checks and hitting a dope gap that looks all too fun. Check it out and show some love.

UPDATE: Graham Fedderson was also there. Check out his Lego Crane review.

– Mike

Video: OMG Tom Leary and Norm Plante Doggied-Out

Team Doggied-Out decided to move on from their beef with LBDR and set up a YouTube account of their own to make some doggied-out edits and show the world what the most #exclusive group of longboarders is all about. Made up of too many riders to name — from the East Coast, No-Coast, West Coast and various┬ásovereign nations — TDO has been making a splash in recent weeks, fueled much in part to the hideous edits and gnarly riding being produced by various members. We’ve posted some DoggiedOut videos in the past (and even produced one ourselves) and will be continuing to support the steeze in the future.

Norman Plante has returned to the Northeast for a few weeks while on winter break, and teamed up with Tom Leary to once again make some Holliston, MA madness.