1st BIRTHDAY GIVE AWAY: Triple 8 Hard Foam Brainsaver!


Alright folks we officially turned 1 year old at the start of this month and to celebrate we’re going to give away a Triple 8 Brainsaver helmet!

This is the hard foam, CPSC certified helmet (size L/XL), meaning it’ll protect your noggin at higher speeds and during harder impacts — the precise type of accidents longboarding causes. If you remember back a couple months ago we took a look at this, as well as the multi-impact version, with Henry and Chris O’Brien which is embedded again below in case you missed it before.

I’ll put together a full birthday post for later in the week but first let’s get the contest rules laid out.

  1. You must LIKE Skate The East on Facebook.
  2. You must also LIKE the Triple 8 NYC page on Facebook.
  3. COMMENT on our Facebook photo announcing the contest.
  4. Get your friends to LIKE YOUR COMMENT.
  5. The comment with the most likes at 12:00AM on Saturday will be declared the winner.

A quick note: the winner must be a resident of the East Coast of the United States. While we’re pumped that we have readers and strong support from across the country as well as the world, we’re saying thanks to our East Coast shredders for supporting our cause and being proud of where they’re from.

AS AN ADDED BONUS TO SAY THANK YOU I’m also going to give away 3 sticker packs to random comments, so even if you don’t win the grand prize there’s a chance you’ll still walk away with something.

Review: Triple 8 Brainsaver Helmet

To continue with our “Spring Safety Series” this week we’re going to take a look at Triple 8’s classic half shell helmet, the Brainsaver. The Brainsaver helmet comes in two distinct flavors, EPS Hard Foam and Sweatsaver, which are designed to withstand different types of impact and have slightly different fits.

The EPS Hard Foam version of the Brainsaver is CPSC certified, the bicycle standard in safety, meaning your head will be safe even if you take a spill going very fast. While it’s safer when it comes to harder impacts, there are some drawbacks that you should consider, especially if you’re going to be mostly freeriding the helmet at speeds under 30/35. Because of the hard foam liner the helmet is designed as a single impact helmet, meaning if you take a spill and hit your head, chances are the helmet is toast. Why? Since the hard foam absorbs a lot of the impact it compresses and cracks, making it much less effective for subsequent impacts. Even if you can’t see the damage there’s a good chance that if you slammed your head, it’s time to replace the lid. The other drawback is the fact that unlike the Sweatsaver version of the Brainsaver, the thin pads that come in the EPS Hard Foam version get soaked easily and don’t wick the moisture nearly as well as the terrycloth found in the Sweatsaver.

For your every day freeride helmet the Sweatsaver version is awesome. It features a terrycloth liner that wicks sweat and keeps it from running down into your eyes very well, even after you’ve been skating in it for a while. It’s absorbant and comfortable and doesn’t hold any incredibly nasty odors, extremely helpful if you’re commuting and storing your helmet around other people. The Sweatsaver is also designed as a multi-impact helmet since there’s no hard foam to crack and deform, meaning you can take multiple spills and as long as the shell looks good, you should still be safe to ride. The Sweatsaver version also comes in almost any color you can imagine, meaning you can not only be safe but look great while you ride, too. I wear my Sweatsaver every time I ride and absolutely love it, it has a super comfortable fit and manages the moisture better than many of the other soft-foam helmets I’ve seen out there.

One thing to note, though, is that the sizing on the EPS Hard Foam version is definitely a bit smaller than the Sweatsaver. Maybe it’s just me, but I also had trouble fitting into the L/XL hard foam Brainsaver despite wearing a L/XL Sweatsaver lid as my primary helmet, so it’s something you’ll want to be aware of if your head tends to be a bit on the bigger size.

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