50 MPH Downhill Skateboarding Crash

File this one under the “that just made my butthole pucker” category because this video will leave your palms sweating without a doubt. Tutone Skateboards rider Kyle Kay is following fellow insanely fast ripper and teammate Josh Young down a favorite mountain run down south when suddenly things go from a-okay to terribly f*cking wrong in an instant, leaving Josh on the pavement along with Kyle almost instantly after.

Both of these guys ended up being just fine and were extremely fortunate that some cuts and bruises were the worst of their injuries after an open road high speed crash without leathers. Kyle gives a great point of view account of what happens when you’re following close to someone else, and shows exactly why you should trust them and know their skating style, and that shit can happen even if you do know them well and are in control yourself.

We’ve posted some of these guys’ videos in the past, so make sure you go back and get yourself familiar if you haven’t already. In the words of their friend in the follow car, “You guys were f*cking mobbing. You were going 50 [mph].”

Wrap Up: Major Stok’em 5

majorstokem5signMajor Stok’em 5 went down this past Saturday under the George Washington Bridge  in sunny and warm (I’m not kidding, it was a beautiful day) Fort Lee, New Jersey. The race course was simple and sweet and made for some great racing for skaters of all skill levels. A quick aside: the finish line’s back drop was the George Washington Bridge and Downtown Manhattan’s skyline, with the yet-to-be-completed Freedom Tower looming large — very surreal for a downhill skateboard race.

Photo Apr 06, 12 55 41 PMThe race ran smoothly all day and the points based bracket system seemed to work very well for keeping the preliminary heats moving steadily. There were some gnarly crashes and good racing had by all during the early heats, with both skilled and novice racers being mixed in together to duke it out and see who’d be left standing. The Crash Corner lived up to its name once again, and despite new and improved custom-fitted pads the curb still laid claim to more than one knee/shin/body part that hit the gap.

Once the preliminary racing was over the Bustin’ Boards High Ollie Competition got underway. While it wasn’t run quite as smoothly as the race was, it was a ton of fun and should be a nice addition for the years to come. Towards the end it started to drag on, but Dave Aparicio sealed the deal with a 32″ ollie on a borrowed YoFace 32″ to end the competition and take home $300. Props to him, it was unreal to watch him ollie that high. Our boy Josh “Wild” Wright also put on a good showing and made it deep into the competition so props to him.

After the High Ollie Competition finished everyone was called together and the top 16 riders were announced for the final heats of racing. Our very own Connor Bewighouse made it into the top 16 on his Tutone Skateboard which we were ultra stoked about. Due to an unfortunate bump-draft incident with Anthony Flis he got taken out in the first heat of finals, but we’re proud of him and stoked none the less. In the end it came down to a super exciting race between Dejaune Jones and Rolando Martinez with Dejaune coming out ahead in the final turn to take the win. A new comer to the scene from Long Island, Christopher Lavinio, came in third with Sam Ettorre rounding out the final heat in 4th.


All-in-all the event was a huge success with some great racing, fun people, and beautiful weather (despite it being a bit windy and cold in the morning). If Major Stok’em 5 is a sign of how the 2013 season will unfold out as a whole, we’re in for an even better and gnarlier season than expected.  Thanks a ton to Adam Dabonka for organizing the race, and all of the other volunteers and sponsors that came together to make it possible.

UPDATE 4/16/13: We found out that Christopher Lavinio was the previously unknown rider who placed 3rd and updated the above post accordingly. 

Check the gallery below for more of our photos from the event:

Video: TuTone Butterface

Andriy Dash

Andriy Dash gettin blunted

As some of you may already know, Anton Milioti is the owner Tutone Skateboards. For those of you who don’t, Anton and TuTone have been reppin’ the dirty Jers and the East coast hard as FUCK over the years and in my opinion, don’t get nearly enough attention as they truly deserve. Anton threw down the initial three NJ Slide Jams that, for a good sum of those who attended, sparked a real interest in the community. After the jam hill received some unneeded attention from the fuzz on several occasions, NJ Slide Jam 4 was organized by Tyler Hill soon after. For me, NJ #4 was the start to it all. (Photos from the jam.. subpar photography by yours truly)

Pat Schep, in attendance

Pat Schep, in attendance

Even though I was injured and couldn’t skate, it got me so stoked to see all these shredders from all over relentlessly ripping in the snow. Seeing dudes like Jeremy Ross, Josh Wright, Dylan Headly, Steve Kong, Andriy Dash, and many many more OG skaters made me realize that these guys have a fucking cool thing going on, and I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch the whole time. So a big hats off, and thank you to Anton and Tyler for indirectly getting me involved in something that would drastically change my life for the better.

… Oh yeah, I almost forgot to write about the video.
This here series of moving pictures showcases what TuTone will be releasing in the near future. Spoiler alert: It’s a board called the “Butterface”, a 37 inch deck featuring a sweetass kick tail. Watch as John Crowe rips through a rad tranny oriented park on the Butterface — not an easy task on a 37 in. skateboard.